Sunday, November 28, 2010

Video: FAAC vs. WAAC

by SandWyrm

From UberDark's comment in Spaguatyrine's last post. Too funny!


  1. WKUK is very funny, my favourite video by them must be "Shoshon the Elegant"!

  2. i am English and that accent is so damn bad it makes me want to cry. also, we say 'somewhere' over here, not 'someplace'. aside from that, an excelent parody, i approve :)

  3. wait a sec.... i posted and atr: thats not how you sound? hehe..

  4. btw....i prefer gallon of pcp....that always gets a chuckle out of me.

  5. Well, it may not be how we fight any more but I'm pleased/ashamed to note how similar an approach that is to how I play football!


    - Drax
    (smiling his crooked-and-near-toothless grin)

  6. Funny, but the accent ruins it for me a bit. THIS is what he should have sounded like...

  7. The accent is close enough to be funny, and to be fair, most English accents are quite unknown outside of England. That said I love the accents you've got, from Cockney to the Machester dialect they used in "Life on Mars".

    But more importantly, I wish some 40k fans could make a 40k version of that above bit. It would be jolly fun:)

    PS for the record, I only speak/write English as my second language, learned it as British English but nowdays practise American English (trying to sound Minneaotan). Before anyone has a language flame war started :)


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