Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Spaguatyrine

Name: Aaron
Rank: Former Cpl United States Marine Corps. (Once and Always)
Serial Number: #1

As this is my first post I will follow instructions and explain my name of "Spaguatyrine"

Space Marines=Space Wolves



Marines=Grey Knights

These are the 4 armies I play. Putting all of them together I get:

Spa + Gua + tyr +ine 

Background Story:

I remember seeing warhammer 40K when I was in high school but was too poor to play the game. Many years later a new friend told me about a war game he plays where he plays with Men's barbies. Long story short I went to his house and fell in love with Warhammer Fantasy. After playing for 6 months and with the opening of the west side Games2 Die 4, I switched over to 40K and have been hooked since. I have been playing for almost 3 years.

My first game was against Scott Kennedy from Games2 Die 4. I am incredibly competitive and to say it calmly I got crushed; curb stomped, destroyed. I got beat so bad with my Dark Angel Terminators against his Chaos Space Marines, I asked to play him again and got crushed again. As with all of my failures in my life, I went back to the drawing board. Scott beat me soundly for 2 months before I was able to adapt to the best player on the west side and finally almost beat him. The day I beat Scott was the day that I was hooked on 40K forever. THANKS SCOTT!!

That being said:

What I feel I can bring to the Back40K:
*In depth thoughts on Strategy involving armies with Close Combat Abilities.
*Space Wolves strategy and list building.
*Daemonhunter/Grey Knights Strategies and list building.
*Ongoing local tournament information from Games 2 Die 4 and other local game stores.

I again humbly appreciate the opportunity to write on the Back40K. It is an honor and privileged I will not take lightly.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA that is funny yet awesome on the name. I'll be honest, I've had to copy paste your name so many times. I think this might actually help me remember how to spell it.

    Hmm..I feel the balance of power tipping. Seems the Imperium is gaining a foothold in the back40k.

    Good to have you on the team. Now if I could just find a way to beat your TWC.

  2. I am really wanting to test my 2500 point list with 14 of them. Just for fun of course. :)

  3. welcome dude. i love this place. so many great things to help out others.

  4. @uberdark

    Thank you very much! I love helping others with the strategy part of the game. I am not the best at painting and converting but am getting much better. I tend to shine in game play and stategy.

  5. OH YEAH!!!!

    Welcome and I hope you can add as much as I plan to start doing in the coming months.


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