Monday, February 14, 2011

Big 40K Tourney in Central Indiana

by Uberdark

Okay kids here's the dish.

When:  32 person 40k tourney:  March 26th  11:00-???

Where: Gamer DMZ  LLC
233 W. Jackson St. Ste. A
Kokomo, IN. 46901
(765) 868-8330

Cost:  $15.00

1500 point lists. WYSIWYG.
Armies must be assembled, but not painted.
W/L tournament.  3-4 round event.  (mission packs are forthcoming)
Over $300 in prize support thus far.(hopefully more to come)
To sign up you may do the following:  contact Gamer DMZ through above number, or email me John Brothers at  We are asking for the name of the army you are using, that way if we have an influx of chaos daemon players we can make sure to stock up on those items.  hehe. You can also sign upby emailing the other guys who run the store,  at
Also while you are there, we will be giving away door prizes, gamesday ticket, blister packs, and the like.  If we receive enough interest we will push the number up to 36 people.

What can you expect at this tourney?  Guys this will absolutely, without a doubt,  be one of the best tourneys you go to this year.  Kokomo might be 40 minutes north of Indy but we promise you will have a blast during the day.  We plan on giving away best painted army, single painted miniature, sportsmanship awards, grab bags, lunch (lol) and for that day, we will be offering anything you buy miniature related to be at 15% off.  This includes orders for things that aren't there.  In fact, if you can't get it that day we will ship it to you for free on orders of over $20!!!

If we get a full 36 people to show up, we will sweeten the deal and give 20% off the day you attend. 

so without further ado:  sign on up yo.  :)

And if you have any questions feel free to email me or ask here. 

oh and to sweeten the pot im gonna throw in a free painted miniature of your choice as a door prize.  :)  no land raiders though.  lol.....just a single figure.  hehe


  1. Sorry, but that's the weekend before Adepticon. The wife has vetoed it.

  2. If it is after would have half of the Dayton/Cincy crowd there.

    Any chance to bump it a month???

  3. well bumping it to april would be better?

  4. what if it was march 19th instead? not making any promises, but trying to get an idea.

  5. CincyCon is a major one around here on 3/19.

    April would be better...pretty please Uberdark?!?

  6. okay, but only if you promise to come and play the new grey knights. lol. takin the tourney down then.

  7. 1500 you say?

    See if you can get that date soon, cause I take catering jobs as soon as they're thrown at me, unless I have good reason to keep a day open :P.

    I'll see if I can't get a caravan started...

  8. but... but the GK black box... I wanna see.

    I'll be there.. ;p

    reschedule however needed. I'd like to see a good draw of people.

    and NOVA missions ;)

  9. farmpunk: imagine playing with the new codex. and shh on the gk black box. lol.


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