Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Orks And Goblins, Blah, Blah... HEY!

by SandWyrm

Who wants to bet that GW will sell more of these to Tyranid players than they will to Ork and Goblin players? I see a nice Tervigon or Tyrannofex being made out of this baby. :)


  1. Bingo! I wonder if they took that into account when they made the model? "Hey, I bet we can stretch the dollar a bit more with a big spider".

    Since I am already converting another tervi, I will likley pick up at least one for a Tyrannofex conversion. Even though I have two already, this think just looks cool, but $60? Oh well, that's probably what the real fex kit will cost when it comes out.

  2. That's actually a pretty sweet model. Too bad I already have all I need in two tfexes and two tervigons

  3. Orcs and Goblins are extremely popular and lots of people have quit Tyranids, so I doubt they'll sell even 1/100th the amount as tyranid conversions ;)

    That really is the best GW model ever made though

  4. im lovin that model as well, and can imagine using it as a huge "bling" charm on my stompa. lol. however i am not too happy with the savage orcs with the exception of wurzzag. the rest of the models seem to have too many straight angles and such. case in point, the chests on them. much of their anatomy seems to be going the way of stylized animation reminiscent of shows like star wars the animated series and samurai jack.

  5. @Muggins12

    Well, Fantasy has 1/10th the popularity of 40K here in the States. So don't count the Nid players out yet. :)


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