Thursday, February 17, 2011

A 40k Event Summary

By TheGraveMind

So I attended the 40k event that was held on the 12th [At the south store - Ed]. I had a lot of fun, even though my Nemesis ruined everything and I ended up going 1-2. I really liked the turn out and the atmosphere. All of my games were very close, and I enjoyed each of them. Here is a summary of my three games

My first game was against a Crimson fist list led by Pedro. I really like the list he had, it was well balanced, but the mission was in my favor. I had list minute changed to an all jumpers list and the mission we got was the most scoring units in the enemies deployment. I simply came in and wrecked most of his razor backs, and followed up with assaults into his troops to keep them on his side.

I dropped my honour guard and terminator squad in the middle of the table on the one side to keep half of his army I wasn't engaging from moving into my deployment zone. 4 of my 5 terminators decided to die to two razor backs firing at them...sigh.

Yes my vanguard failed in combat against 8 marines for 4 turns, I had to bail them out with two full assault squads. Game ended 3 to 1 as his stern guard made it across to the other side.

My next opponent was Dodger13 with his deamons. I knew I was in for a tough fight. He got flipped, and then couldn't get his reserves to come in. Which ended up a good thing for him.

I swathed my way through his lighter stuff cause him to play for a draw. But with his reserves holding back, He was able to bring a large amount to attack my objective. Thus I lost the game as he contested my objective, and Tie breaker went to VP. I hadn't killed any of his MCs yet, and Had lost a good portion of my army.

My last game was against the Green marines that Sandwyrm has been talking about. I decided to try and take some better pictures to show them off.

Our mission was who ever had the most scoring units on the table at the end of the game. Well after combat squading, he had 7 to my 4, so It was already an uphill battle for me.

I had deployed my terminators as my only unit on the table, every thing else was jumping in. They continued to fail armor saves at a pathetic rate. Turn two came around and even with 4+ rerolling I only got my honour squad in.

Turn three I got everything else, and failed to even blow up drop pods. Vanguard tied up two units though.

Oh crap, I made vulkan angry. Priest died to scouts in hand to hand...sigh.

And this is how the game ended. I misjudged the distance and left my two remaining squad within assault reach of the terminators. And so I had no troops left.

Mean while the only troops he had left were some scouts huddling in terrain a turn away from being destroyed by my vanguard that had been hunting them down. The game ended with Astorath the grim vs Vulkan hestan. Even if the game had gone on another turn, and I had killed the scouts. I would only have been up 100 ish points, and you had to be more than 175 VP difference to have a win on the tie breaker.

And to explain how Nemesis ruined everything, He was supposed to play against Dodger's deamons instead of me, but he managed to end up with a draw first game. His list was far better suited for facing deamons, and would have pitted me with a better match up as well.

The best moment from my games was right after 4 of my terminators died in game one, my Lib rolled 12 and periled, and my terminator sarge walked up and blew up a razorback, the explosion hit him, rolled to wound, and I rolled a 1 for his armor save....sigh. Luckily I had expected my veterans to preform so poorly, so I had moved him into FNP range. My opponent told me that if I had failed my FNP, he would have let me keep the terminator on the table, because it was so sad of events.

I really liked the event, and I felt pretty good with my all Jumpers list even if it was thrown together the night before. Hopefully I will have more Assault marines painted and a new set of dice for the next tournament.


  1. Sorry Grave, I really wanted to face Dodger's demons. Sadly though it seems 2 objectives means auto draw for me. Maybe next time.

  2. Obviously the Vanguard failed because they were fighting painted minis. ;)

  3. Nice report. It's hard to manage when the warp afflicts your dice. It's even worse when you run a smaller elite army as each of those dice rolls weighs more heavily on you.Those Salamanders are pretty though

  4. Good report Always good to see more pictures of tourneys. =) The Sally's look great though always good to play against a well painted army.

  5. It does support the painted figs > unpainted figs theory though.

  6. lol. I've noticed that theory can feel more like a law at times.


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