Friday, February 18, 2011

You Wanted An AdMech Codex? Here It Comes...

by SandWyrm

Well well well, whataya know? I have, through my network Farmpunk, acquired a copy of the new Grey Knight Codex.

If your net-foo is strong, you may find it too.

It's an incomplete scan of what looks like a pre-print test copy. It includes the detailed unit descriptions and the army list section with all the costs, but does not include the summary sheet or individual weapon descriptions. Did GW leak this thing on purpose? Who the hell knows. But if I was going to leak something on purpose, this is how I would do it.

My reservations about the number of competitive builds has abated... somewhat. Farmpunk and I think there will probably be 2 strong 'Pure-GK' builds (IF the Psycannon is S7 Rending Assault/Heavy 4 as rumored.). To which I think you'll be able to add 1-2 pure Henchman builds and 1 mixed build with a few minor variations.

But apart from that, I'm seeing a lot of potential here for running an AdMech (or Tzeentch) army using the GK rules. The key is the Henchmen Options. Coteaz makes them troops, and they're highly customizable. So there's your Skitarii. Mix and match as needed. Add some elite Marines and battlemechs to taste. :)


  1. I dunno. Stelek says these are not the Ad Mech you are looking for.

    He's saying this is a test 'dex or something like that.

    and hey, it was my net browsing that discovered this tidbit.

  2. And Stelek is the final authority why? He's said nothing that someone looking at the same document wouldn't also see.

    It's a test book, with placeholder artwork and no weapon profiles listed. Which is why we'll have to wait a bit longer to see if there actually is a competitive pure-GK list in there. Because it all hinges on what a Psycannon's profile is.

  3. It *looks* well done enough to believe it was a ‘working’ copy used to test and make revisions. So the final product probably won’t be a huge departure from this thing that may or may not exist, somewhere, under a rock in a forest of huge interwebz pine trees.

    GW is getting very tricksty with their leaks and creation of buzz around these things.

    Like muh ole grandpappy told me ‘she’s fickle old she-devil that ony wants teh confound ya son.’ Whether he was talking about GW or my grandmother is debatable now that I think on it.

  4. If purgation squads were scoring this could be exceedingly nasty. I still think that it is more than workable with Inquisitor warbands being troops with a HQ choice.


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