Monday, February 28, 2011

Pimp My Ride - Raider Edition

By Anonymous Foodie

I've been working for a while on converting my Raiders into something a little more... well... cool looking.  At least, I like to think so...

I also decided that it's high time I give a little how-to on how such a thing is done.

Start with the main chassis.

Remove the back tail fin, and remove the pilot seat from said fin.

Put the chassis together and throw the pilot seat up front.

Grab the horizontal tail fin, cut it in half, and put them against the back turbine (a little cutting and shaving is helpful here).  I also snapped the running boards into place (it's a snug fit that doesn't really need glue).

Now for the fun part - I got a hold of some of the sprues from the new vehicles, so I'm going to be decking out my vehicles with a few new trophies.  Since this will be my new HQ raider, it gets the banner pole, plus a few spikes and chains.

Now, of course the pilot (who is now both driver and gunner - I like the idea of all single-pilot craft since nobody really likes to share in the Dark City) will jump in his seat.  Also, I mount the lance (or Dissintegrator, if you prefer... but I don't) under the prow with magnets.  I'm trying to figure out how to mount the newer version Dark Lance (the old ones were so easy, this will require a bit of thinking) but it gives me a nice nose cannon with an easy 180 fire arc.

More pics to come as more Raiders finish the transformation (I also have to figure out exactly how I'm going to change up the Ravagers).  Kudos to Steve (the Marine guy) for supplying the model.  There's a treat in the works for you yet, sir.

A fairly simple way to make my vehicles stand out, and of course updating with new bitz and pieces is a good way to give some life to older models.


  1. Seems like a good way of spicing up the old models. You should put a side by side of an old one versus your finished conversion, so we can see all the changes.
    And I like the blue paint job!

  2. Thanks - I'll have to get some unit/army shots up here sometime... all the pics I have currently are a tad old and work has been done to most of the models (mainly basing).

    I'll get a side-by-side after I fully finish this one... still trying to figure out how to mount that Lance...

  3. I really like your paint job! My favorite colors besides gold and silver are that blue. Great Job!


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