Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Snow-Guard From The Feburary 5th Tourney

by SandWyrm

Hey, what do you know? I did get a pic of them. The brushwork is a bit sloppy up-close, but the overall effect is quite nice.


  1. very nice army. chaosy without being overdone, and i like the scheme. particularly though, i love that display board.

  2. Would be nice with some close-ups, but oherwise it looks nice

  3. quality looking army. with this being the distance most people will look at your army, don't worry about it being sloppy up close - it looks great in that shot!

  4. The display board is nice touch. The weathering on the tanks is top notch.

  5. Wow the army looks great and the display board is awesome sauce.

  6. looks like im not the only 1 using that banshee as a psyker...
    though very much different colour scheme, mine is done to look like the psyker from Dan Abnetts novels 'Only in Death' and 'Bloodpact'

  7. Random question, part 2:

    Was anyone else around here heading to the Keystone Game Preserve tournament this weekend?

    Was wondering if we ever got finalized information on the format and who's running it.

  8. 1750 points, 10am. Dunno what else. You can call them at: (317) 257-9110

    I just called and they said the sign-up sheet was full.

  9. Yeah, they have a mission packet and such on the event calendar on the website, but about half the information is different than what was posted when they announced it however long ago.

    That, and the packet says you have to email them your list prior to the tournament, but doesn't actually say who to email it to.

    It's kinda a mess.

  10. My local Garden centre had some of those trees at Christmas. A big pack for about £15 which I should have bought, but didn't. I've struggled to find them online since, you don't recall where you got them from/who makes them do you?

  11. It's not my army, it was brought to the last tourney I went to. I think it belongs to the Albino Ork guy, but I might be wrong.

  12. Noted a couple of things:

    1. He's placed all the vehicles in a rough semi-circle focusing on a central point of his army. Sort of an amphitheatre effect. I liked that a lot.

    2. Painting is table top +, which is good. Note that the eyes are drawn to the vehicles, which appear to be weathered very realistically, i.e. attractive.

    3. He did a great job on his board with multiple levels (raised chaos platform, trees).

    4. He has a few bright points for the eyes to focus on (e.g. banshee), the infantry sort of melt into the background and the vehicles sort of bring it all together.

    5. Did he use the Vulture as a Valk?

    Very nice presentation.

  13. Johnny's stuff is cool. He's also got the Albino Orks.

    That IS a Vulture counts as a vendetta.

    I'm going to the GP North tourney. The info is in a .doc file found on the GP north Calendar. It's not the easiest thing to find.

  14. To dwez:
    I picked up those trees at Lowes after Christmas a few years back. I think for a bag of like 30 assorted trees was about 6 dollars on clearance. Unfortunately, I've only seen them during the holidays.

  15. Yep, I got the same trees at Home Depot for $6. I bought 5 bags...

    BOT: That is a really nice looking display! The board makes the whole thing for me.


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