Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb 5th Hive Fleet Tournament Results

by Spaguatyrine

I have copied this message from Justin, AKA Dodger3 who posted final results on our Hivefleet Indy Forum.
Great event and thank you to everyone who showed up in the snow. 

Look here for information on our next HIVE FLEET Indy tournament that will be in May!  We will also be running a 2000 point Spearhead tournament in March.  Contact us if you need any information. 

Undefeated Players
Dustin Sanders (Blood Angels) 3-0
Aaron Aleong (Space Wolves) 3-0 (Spaguatyrine)
Nick Mansfield (Orks) 3-0

Players in Undefeated Final Battle
Nik Maier (Blood Angels) 2-1 (Played Dustin) (TheGraveMind)
Kevin Kirby (Orks) 2-1 (Played Aaron)
Toby Pinkerton (Space Wolves) 2-1 (Played Nick)

Nate Haggard (Blood Angels) 2-1
Bryan Lerg (Space Marines) 2-1
Phillip Meiser (Orks) 2-1
Louis Aulutta (Space Wolves) 2-1
Greg Nickles (Space Marines) 2-1
Garrett Hunter (Witchhunters) 2-1 (Farmpunk)
Jim Bennie (Daemons) 2-1
Scott Kennedy (Space Marines) 1-2
Johnny McGinnis (Imperial Guard) 1-2
Eric Pruneda (Chaos Space Marines) 1-2
Bob Carter (Space Wolves) 1-2
Carl Esposito (Blood Angels) 1-2
John Lay (Witchhunters) 1-2
Keith Goreham (Imperial Guard) 1-2 (Sandwyrm)
Chris Duncan (Space Marines) 0-3
Chris Pawley (Imperial Guard) 0-3
Jacob Eddy (Chaos Space Marines) 0-3
Richard Carter (Necrons) 0-3

The top three 2-1 players are the ones that were playing on the top tables at 2-0 in the final round.

Our final six players were Ork, Ork, Space Wolf, Space Wolf, Blood Angel, Blood Angel.

It was also a notably awful day for Imperial Guard, with the three Guard players going a combined 2-7. The full army population breakdown:

Blood Angels 4 (8-4)
Space Wolves 4 (8-4)
Space Marines 4 (5-7)

Orks 3 (7-2)
Imperial Guard 3 (2-7)

Witchhunters 2 (3-3)
Chaos Space Marines 2 (1-5)

Daemons 1 (2-1)
Necrons 1 (0-3)

Painting was really close--Scott got 7 votes, Keith got 5 votes, and then Johnny McGinnis and Bryan Lerg were tied at 4.


  1. I like how two of the three final games were Wolves vs orks. And I knew I was in for a rough game, Dustin's my local Nemesis. His style trumps mine more often than not.

    I had a great time, making it that close to the finish still feels good. Everyone I talked to seemed to have a great time, and it was a great turnout considering the weather and road conditions.

  2. sorry I couldn't make it to the tournament, perhaps the next one I will be able to make it to. Sounds like things turned out quite well for everyone.

  3. heh. I could have used a better pairing for my 2nd round. Or going first vs. Spag in the second round would have helped too.

  4. Spag was on fire.

    I went first against him with every advantage on my side. It didn't matter. ;)

  5. First of all I want to thank Dodger3 for a wonderful tournament, I had a lot of fun. Also I really enjoyed seeing all of the great painted armies that were there. If only I could get the motivation to do the same to my army. Congrats to the other two undefeated player. Sometime hopefully in the near future I would love to get a game against Spag. I hear those Space Puppies are pretty nasty sir.


  6. Btw Spag thanks for the nice new blog avatar.

  7. Thanks a lot guys for the great tournament. I had a blast. BTW, watch out for Toby's Missiles. They're deadly.

  8. Nemisis,

    I look forward to getting together for a game. I will use the same list when we get together. I am available this Sunday evening if you are. Call me on my cell when you have some time.

    Sandwyrm, The stupid Storm Shield Thunderwolf did make 13+ invol saves. Great game! You were 1 or 2 dice changes away from pounding me.

    Farmpunk, Your girls liked it again. Ragnar says to send your Cannonness over for some real fun later. LOL. If that exorcists hadn't popped turn 1 I would have been in serious trouble. But your Infantry Platoon blob staying on double 1's almost gave you the win. I just happened to pull off the right scout model when I lost one.

    Great job Nic and Nic.

  9. I don't think I have your number to call you.

  10. btw im interested in knowin what kevin kirbys list consisted of. kevin, if ya can or someone email it to me at ....ntm: kevin if ya live around indy id love to get a game in of orks vs. orks.


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