Friday, February 18, 2011

Henchmen A Go-Go

by SandWyrm

I'm most interested in the Henchman options that are in the new Grey Knight codex. Let's look at them:

(Disclaimer - This is from an incomplete test copy of the Codex we found on the net. So anything could change before release. Take this with salt!)


Feel No Pain, Strength 5, plus 5 attacks on the charge = nasty. Assassins are killier, but Arcos will live longer without support from Crusaders.


Priest-ish model with an Eviscerator. I see adding one of these to any unit that needs to defend itself from enemy walkers.


Human with a Power Weapon and Storm Shield. These guys are going to be spammed all over the place.


Yep, the orange monkeys form Rogue Trader are in there. Think of them as the Inquisition's version of the Chaos Obliterator. The BS is lower, but they get some nice bonuses to make up for it.

He's a walking teleport homer.


Still useless I'm afraid. Copy-Paste from the old Daemonhunters codex. I'm a sad panda.

Death Cult Assassin

S4 Human with dual power weapons. I see these teaming up with Crusaders a lot.


Limit of 3 with heavy weapons. Multi-Melta or Heavy Bolter Servitors are 25 points cheaper than in the IG codex. Plasma Cannons cost 15 points less.


Get 5 of these, and you'll be throwing out an AP2 battlecannon blast in the Inquisition's version of the IG Psyker Battle squad. If you roll boxcars though, you'll lose all of them at once.


This is the one with the most options available. Though most people will probably take them with Storm Bolters, Meltas, or Plasmas. 

Now let's look at some combinations:
125 - Warband w/5 Warriors (Meltas or Plasmas), Chimera
Better than an IG Chimelta at 30/55 points less? Cool.
220 -Warband w/Banisher, 5 Crusaders, 5 Warriors (Meltas or Plasmas), Chimera
A flexible and very scary forward unit. My Sanguinary Guard just wet themselves. Add a mystic if you have Terminators in reserve.
430 - Warband w/Banisher, 5 Crusaders, 6 Death Cult Assassins, Land Raider Redeemer
For when those Nobs just HAVE to be dead. 36 Power Weapon attacks on the charge. 24 of those before Marines get to hit back.
175 - Warband w/Inquisitor, 2 Jokaero, 3 Servitors (Multi-Meltas), Chimera
5 bunkered Multi-Meltas with a 36" range? Cool! But you also have Lascannon and Plasma Cannon options if you need them.
235 - Warband w/Inquisitor, 2 Jokaero, 2 Servitors (Plasma Cannons), 5 Psykers, Chimera
That smoldering crater over there was your Terminators.


  1. Yeah, I found this shortly after you guys did. I am unashamedly going to spam crusaders and death cultists.

    Grain of salt warning there, of course.

  2. If the Henchmen turn out as versatile and varied as this, and can be taken as troops, then this may be the basis for many a proxy list.

    Not only could AdMech find a home, but something like this would make a good rebel force. Not necessarily rebel guard, but just... Rebels, period. A hodge podge of humans (and possibly others) outside of Imperial law. Hrrrrmm...

  3. According to the "leaked codex," they can be taken as troops as long as you take Inquisitor Coteaz as HQ.

    I have to admit I was a little disappointed you couldn't build a totally fluffy Arbites force out of these guys. No shotguns for the warriors; no carapace for the crusaders.

    What was even more disappointing was that while the warriors can be built like IG Stormtroopers (carapace, hotshot lasgun) they don't have as good stats.

    As for Admech, I think it will work PERFECTLY. You have the ability to field just about every armor type from flak to Terminator, multiple walker types, plenty of vehicle options and tons of wargear options.

  4. I like the looks of it...I run my IG as Inquisition anyway...usually allied with the Inquisitors but a Primaris when not...everything is Inq logo.

    I am looking at the Warbands as well...
    245 - Jokaero x2, Psyker x6 (S8 AP1), PlasC Servitor x3 in a Chimera stock with room for an IC. Excellent objective sitter.

    Combine 2 or 3 of these with the Culexus or 3 and you have alot ot AP1 and AP2 - Culexus would have 38 S5 AP1 shots.

    Another one I like is...
    246 - Banisher Eviscerator x1, Deathcult x5, Crusader x2, Warrior Mg x4 Chimera stock. Nice for frontal assault.

  5. In terms of the leaked book that's going around, there's no way they'll leave Crusaders at that cost. Either that or it's a typo and it's some kind of Combat Shield/new item rather than an actual Storm Shield.

    There's no way you're getting scoring models with a Power Weapon and a Storm Shield for the price of barely what EITHER of those pieces of wargear should cost by themselves. If they actually go forward with that at that cost, they've made a horrible mistake.

    The strongest rumors recently also suggest that Nemesis Warding Staves can't be spammed in the manner the test book suggests--that they've been changed to a 1-per-5 option and possibly competing with special ranged weapons.

  6. I've heard through a reliable source today that this leaked codex is an old version that GW originally was planning to release in January. But that for whatever reason they decided to scrap it and redo it for release in April instead.

    So don't go buying anything too soon!

  7. Darn,

    I was really looking forward to running 10 Paladins with 2++ just for all those daemon players out there.

    Just kidding,

    Whatever they come up with, it will be good. Unless the same writer that wrote the tyranids is doing them. Anyone know?

  8. The IG/Nids guy was Cruddice. The rumors are that Matt Ward is writing this one.

  9. If this stuff makes it into the final codex, it's a recipe for some very happy chimera drive-bys.


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