Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken Little Syndrome

by: farmpunk

I've noticed a trend with each successive codex release. I'm wondering how many others have noticed it since codexes started getting re-released after the unveilling of 5th ed.

With each new codex comes a flurry of rumors about what's going to happen, mixed with what people want to see happen, mixed with stuff that's just right out. Inevitably, there's a large knee-jerk reaction:

ZOMGWTFROFLBBQPDF! teh skie is fawlling! sayve meh! this is too uberpowered! Ahm gonna quit 40K!1!!!eleventy-one!11.

really folks? I mean, we're seeing it again with the GK codex coming out. Just like we saw it with Blood Angels (the ENTIRE army will be FNP/Furious Charge with Jump packs, and free wrist-mounted meltaguns) and with Space Wolves, and with Tyranids, and with.... oh heck, you get the picture.

Why do we really need Chicken Little reactions. I'd like to think more people can approach new codexes with a semi-sobered attitude.
Things will change. That's not bad.
I don't think GW's going to go totally crazy-off the wall over the top. (space wolves)

As 40K moves forward, the game will morph. We're on our way to 6th ed, and a lot of these dinosaur codexes need to be redone. REALLY. When was the last time you saw GK's or Necrons on the field AS THE MAIN FORCE, not just allied.

It's been a while.

It's been a long time since either of those codexes got re-written, just like it was with the Dark Eldar. They needed it. The new codex changed how they played. Ask Anonymous Foodie. He'll attest to it. He'll also tell you just how a new codex changed his tyranids.

We're getting closer to a new GK codex, and I'm eager. I know that what we've seen and discussed here was just a test copy of possible rules. Just like there was a leaked copy of the Blood Angels' test rules.

and Just like the BA's test 'dex, I'm gonna bet the final GK 'dex isn't going to make the sky fall.


  1. I'm not sure if this is a recent trend but it certainly is annoying. This is why rumors are bad, people don't recall they are rumors! They then get bent out of shape when some of the rumors are true and focus on them as though a single unit can break the game. If only people made balanced lists =D.

  2. Oddly enough, your post made me realize that my tournament army will laugh at most GKs. Fewer marines on the table than most codices against scatter lasers? Two wound, tough four terminators against fire dragons? Here's hoping not that much changes/

  3. I think that the falloff in critical thinking skills and an increase in the commonality of hyperbole has a lot to do with it. Compounded by the nature of a lot of folks to panic in the face of the unknown, you get what we have now.As in the case of the Tyranid Codex, we run a significant chance of meh, once the printed version comes out. I suspect the die hard set of GK players would be happy just paying market prices for their old stuff in a new wrapper and some plastic kits.

  4. Internet Anonymity + Nerdrage = Hyperbole

    Besides, some folks think that the louder the type, the more GW might listen. It is funny to see a 200+ page thread where people complain about GW not listening to them.

    Why to they think GW even knows they are typing on some internet site? If they want to at least be ignored (rather than just not exist) they should actually write to GW...

  5. I agree, OMG!!!!!!! Space Wolves are too overpowered!!!!!

    Give me a break!


    They are really good, and that is why I love them! But I didn't just pick up the space wolves codex and suddenly become a "Good" player. (Some might think otherwise) I kicked butt with basic Space Marines, Tyranids (Before they were jacked), and Guard. A "Good" player or any type of person will take what they have and do good with "it"!

    Ask Scottydont if he is good at Call of Duty. I bet the answer is yes. Ask Sandwyrm if he is good at cutting the grass. I bet he does it with the same precision he paints his models. A good codex will seldom ever make a bad player great. A good codex will almost always make a great player even better.

  6. Yeah, the herd never learns. The drama and "leaks" around new codex releases is getting so predicable that I just don't care anymore.


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