Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holy Ice Storm Batman!!!!!

by Spaguatyrine

This is what Indianapolis looks like........

I went out to go to work and had to chip off 1.25" of ice off of my car this morning.  At my restaurant, I called off most of my employees, and closed 6 hours early.  That being said, I have a nice story to share about today.

A family was traveling to the east side of Indianapolis from the far west side, Avon, In, to meet a family member they had never seen.  Their van broke down right off the interstate and they rolled into the parking lot of my restaurant. We helped push them into the parking lot so they wouldn't stop traffic. They were a family of 5 and their van's transmission had obviously decided it was not working anymore.  The family came inside of my restaurant and called to get some help. After about 3 hours someone showed up in a truck to tow their van home, but could only take 2 of the 5 in the truck.  The mother and 2 kids decided to stay in the store and wait for the truck to come back and get them.  The problem was the the truck wouldn't be back for another 3 hours.  After speaking to them and offering them some complimentary food, I found out they lived about 10 minutes from me in a trailer park in Avon, In.  I thought about it and decided to offer to take them home.  On the ride, I learned that Nathan, the 16 year old son had turrets, and other social issues, and that they had a pretty difficult life compared to me.  I heard Nathan trying to sing to the radio I had on low as we were talking.  I asked if he liked to sing and his mother stated he tried but wasn't very good.  Seeing Nathan's reaction in the rear view mirror, I decided to ask Nathan if he wanted to sing a song with me? I turned up the radio and we proceeded to sing loud one of my favorite songs, "I can only Imagine" by Mercy Me.  The happiness on his face and his mother crying in the front seat was priceless and warmed my heart that I had offered to drive home this family in the middle of a blizzard when most people were warm and cozy in their homes.  I dropped them off and wished them the best and God's blessings on their difficult situation. As I drove home I just couldn't help but being thankful for my newer car, nice house, good job, and all the little plastic and metal figures I play with.

I don't write this to point to what I have done and look for praise, but when a city the size of Indianapolis which is used to snow storms is shut down by an ice blizzard, do we look at what really is important in life and make a difference in our community?

Do you have any stories to share of someone who has helped you or made a difference? 

P.S. Since I am a space wolf I kind of like the ice. (Not Really)  And look forward to seeing a lot of you at the tournament on Saturday!  Bring it!


  1. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you.

  2. thanks for sharing His light in such a powerful way.

  3. A good man you are. All of us could learn something from you. Hats off sir!

  4. just thought I'd say kudos to you for your kindness.

  5. I've got a good one.

    In 2001 I spent all of my savings, my college fund, to buy a chance to sail for five days on a real sailing ship from Portsmouth to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands off the west coast of Spain.

    As someone who had read far too much sea faring fiction it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. A 300 foot long three masted bark, and we would be crewing her. Climbing the rigging, polishing the brass, swabbing the decks. Fantastic stuff.

    Once onboard, I knew it was a once in a lifetime thing so I went crazy. I didn't go to sleep for about 50 hours. A ship runs on three watches, 4 hours on 8 off twice a day everyday so there was always a workshop to attend or job to be done.

    I crashed, slept 12 hours and then did the same thing again, trying to eek, everything I could out of the experience.

    When we pulled into port I was devastated it was over already.

    I was asked to come and talk to some guy on the trip. He introduced himself as Kay and told me about how he had served in the US Airforce before going into business. He ended up quitting to start a toilet cleaning company. He was now a multi-millionaire.

    It was a cool story, but I didn't get why he was telling me. Then he told me that he had seen me working and working and working and had asked a few people why I was so enthusiastic. Eventually someone had told him that I had spent everything I had to participate in this short trip.

    Kay smiled and told me that the ship was sailing to Bermuda and then on to New York City. Another 27 days sailing, he then told me that he had already bought my ticket. A $9,500 ticket.

    I was blown away. I sailed to Bermuda where I met the woman who would become my wife, on to New York and then flew home. It was the greatest experience of my life.

    I remain inspired by his kindness to me.

  6. Must say you Americans are too kind. Wouldn't get that stuff happening here in Blightly.

  7. @GDMNW,

    WOW! That is amazing! It shows what hardwork will do for you. Good for you man. Have you ever seen that guy again?

    @Mercer, Where is Blightly?

  8. England dude ;) it's our english slang which throws people out lol.

  9. The media would lead you to believe that we Americans are all pompus and rude, but I would say that because writing stories about good people doesn't sell papers or increase revenue why would the media outlets do it?

    I would guess that 75% of americans are generally nice people. I went to Austria/Germany in high school and felt the anti-american sentiments from most people except the younger crowd.

    I do want to go to England some day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. It varies by region. The American Midwest has a well-deserved reputation for niceness. The coasts? Not so much. Though you do find exceptions.

  11. It's always cool to see folks making a difference. I forget where I picked this up, but I think it fits. "be more concerned with good deeds than great ones". The small things that people do for each other every day have a significant impact.

  12. Thanks Kirby!

    Great quote Ironweevil. Helping others whether it is in our hobby, or the real world always makes me feel good.

    Remember those less fortunate this weekend, and let's make a difference. I would love to hear more stories.


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