Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stupid Google! Stupid Microsoft!

by SandWyrm

So Google, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to finally add nested comments to blogger. But evidently they didn't bother to test it out on Internet Explorer first; as anyone who tried to read a post on our blog with the new comments found that IE (even the latest version) would lock up as it was trying to load them. Bad Google!

Of course, the Non-Microsoft browsers that I use, such as Firefox and Safari were able to handle it just fine. We can probably assume that Chrome loads them fine too. So I'm sure that Microsoft screwed something up in IE. Bad Microsoft!

Anyhow, I've had to disable the RSS feed in order to go back to the old system. Some of the comments from the last several posts may now appear out of order because of it. :(


  1. Wait...people still use Internet Explorer?

  2. T_K_E has it right. Nobody should still use IE.
    Sadly, 'should' and 'do' are most often on opposite ends of the scale.

  3. That is just a Nerd thing to say. All of you! Now 40% of bloggers cannot see many blogs on the blogroll. Maybe people should pay attention before they change things!

  4. we're on a website talking about rolling dice and moving arould little plastic men, Isn't EVERYTHING we say a Nerd thing?


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