Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Hivefleet Indy Escalation League

by Spaguatyrine

Got this from Caulyn Darr and wanted to post if anyone is interested. We are working on growing the hobby with new armies for experienced players, bringing in the new 4 or 5 players we have attracted, and helping our gaming store at Games2Die4. 

You can contact CaulynDarr on this blog and he will respond to you. 

2011 Hivefleet Indy Escalation League Rules


Players in the league are freely allowed to challenge each other at any time. Points size of the games played and missions are based on the ranking of the lower player. Winning a game against an equally ranked player earns 2 Challenge Points, winning a game against a lower ranked player earns 1 challenge point, and winning a game against a higher ranked player earns 3 challenge points.

Challenge Board

All players get ranked on a challenge board. To reach a level on the challenge board, a player must pay the required number of challenge points and have an army of the required size. Once a player spends the points to rank up, they are lost. If the rank that a player is buying up to is full of other players, then the player must challenge one of those players and defeat them. If that player wins the challenge game, that player replaces the other player on that rank and spends the necessary points as normal. If a player loose the challenge, then they do not gain the spot, but get to keep their challenge points. When playing a game to take someones position on the next rank up, you play at the higher of the point levels.

Challenge Board Ranks
1.2000 Point Armies and 8 Challenge Points
2.1500 Point Armies and 6 Challenge Points
3.1000 Point Armies and 4 Challenge Points
4. 600 Point Armies and 2 Challenge Points
Unranked: 600 point Armies

If a players fails to play at least one game in the league in a month, then that player is automatically dropped one rank. If the rank below is filled, then the player continues to drop until there is a free spot available.
If the player on the top rank of the board successfully defends 8 challenges, then that player's army is championed out of the league.


All players are required to paint either one minimum sized unit, character, or vehicle a month. If they do not do this, then they will loose their spot on the challenge board as if they failed to play any game that month. To qualify as fully painted, the module must have a three color minimum with no primer or bare surface of the model showing and must have a completed base.
In addition, fully painted armies gain a bonus. If you have a fully painted army, you can give the Art Snob rule to 1 unit at rank 4, 2 units at rank 3, 4 units at rank 2, and your entire army ant rank 1,

Art Snob: When a unit with this rule attacks an unpainted model, it gains re-rolls to hit for ranged and melee attacks. If the model already has a re-roll to hit, then it may also re-roll to wound.

In addition to the standard challenge board rules, there will be an adjoining campaign that players may optionally participate in. For the purposes of the campaign, the players will be split into two teams: Order and Disorder. The Order players will be any one playing an Imperial, Tau, or Eldar army. Disorder will include any player playing a Chaos, Tyranid, Ork, Dark Eldar, or Necron army.
Every rank on the challenge boar will have two missions, a basic and campaign mission. Players may choose to play either mission, but if they play an opponent from the opposite team in a campaign mission, then their team also scores challenge points equal to the amount they win for themselves
Whenever the player at the top rank changes, a large team battle will take place(store schedule permitting). Each player brings their army sized to their current rank on the challenge board. The highest ranked player on each team is that teams general for the battle. The amount of challenge points won by each team at each rank will translate into special assets, abilities, and objectives in the battle. Players on the team that wins the battle each receive 2 bonus challenge points.


  1. so we all start off with a unit a month basically?

  2. Art Snob is going to be a hell of a powerful ability for some units. Just sayin'.

  3. This looks pretty fun. Art Snobs FTW!!!

  4. sandwyrm: i think you and i would have a fun time with the art snob bit. lol

  5. "so we all start off with a unit a month basically?"

    That's the minimum, you grow your army at your own pace.

    "Art Snob is going to be a hell of a powerful ability for some units. Just sayin'."

    This is intentional. We want to get the players at our store to get in the habit of painting their armies.

    I just hope the store manager's got the challenge board ready for us this weekend.

  6. I will be playing in the league by dusting off my old Grey Knights. This gives me a reason to buy some new stuff and take a small break from the Space Wolves action. People are really excited about it. Everyone is welcome.

  7. Hey Sandwyrm I think this would be a great oppourtunity for your Blood Angels! I for 1 would love to see you participate if at all possible.

  8. I'd like to, but I don't know how often I can get over there. Is once or twice a month enough?

  9. I'm with Sandwyrm, I'd like to, but I'm not sure how regularly I could make it. also, when is the start date for these shenanigans? or did I not listen to another announcement.... I need to start bringing a tape recorder and taking notes.

  10. It starts this weekend. You only have to play one game a month, and even if you miss it, all that happens is you drop one rank.

  11. Caulynn Darr. Would all of these games have to be played at the store?

  12. I would be more convenient if you played at the store since that's where the challenge board is, but there's no other reason you can't play somewhere else.

  13. Hi, I'm local to you guys and have been looking for something like this to expand my game.
    I would consider myself a novice player as I've been playing with a couple of buddies since 5th came out. But we aren't able to get together very often, and I'd like to get more regular games in.
    I think this would be fun and was wondering if there was a specific meeting time to get things organized, or if I should just drop in and introduce myself.

  14. Most of us in Hivefleet Indy play on Saturdays. There's no set day for the league though; just play whenever you can find an opponent.

  15. Chris,

    Come on bye! We look forward to meeting you!



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