Monday, April 9, 2012

Daemon Prince: Now With Extra Manky Stuff!

by Outremer

Here's some pictures of my Daemon Prince!

I'd had this guy sitting in a closet primed for several years and he was the first thing I worked on last spring after five years or so away from painting.  A few weeks after the "standard" paint job I started learning to play and putting together my army.  Of course, "Big Red" wasn't gonna cut it in a Nurgle army, so into the simple green and under the knife he went! 

A couple blight drone inspired rotors and a whole bunch of green stuff later, I give you. . . Thraximus the Corpulent!


  1. Great job dude, he looks freaking awesome!

  2. That is truly spectacular! It's also thoroughly disgusting - can't wait to see more!

  3. Wow! The conversion is so complete that its tough to pick the original miniature that was used! Beautiful work! Especially all the greenstuff detail -- its inspirational and fantastic to see!

  4. Sick stuff for sure !! I love it.

    : )


  5. Looks great. Frag here in Missouri finally posted up the details about are GT. I sent all the info to Spag. Look forward to seeing you all come out if you can. :)

  6. Badass.

    Where did you get the banner and pole bits?

  7. The banner and pole are from an Ork biker iirc. I went through a bits seller on Ebay and bought any banners I thought I could use from the 40k or fantasy ranges.

    As a caveat, none of my stuff has the banners painted yet. I've been on the fence about doing my army up as an independant warband with my own iconography, using the "standard Nurgle" stuff, or incorporating some Pre-heresy Death guard iconography too.

    I plan on doing some freehand painting on them, just not sure what to use yet!

  8. Is this the same nurgle army I saw at the Indy GT?

  9. Absolutely love the converted head. Simply wonderful.
    Ron, FTW


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