Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Storm Raven for my Grey Knights

by Spaguatyrine

Now I can tell you when I walked into a store on my birthday yesterday and asked if I could buy the storm raven, I was told only if .....

I assembled it and had it back by Saturday for display.  I asked, "Are you absolutely sure grey knights will be able to use it?" I was told yes and threw down the money to get it.  I was presently surprised when I found 4

Grey Knight/Inquisition pieces to attach to my storm raven.  Now I am not the best at putting together vehicles, but was able to finish the assembly of the storm raven in 1.25 hours.  Now I understand I didn't completely put everything on so I could magnetize the turrets and weapons, but it was the easiest vehicle I have ever put together. GW has done an excellent job in their sprue design for the Storm Raven.  The hardest piece for me when I assembled my 3 land raiders was the top piece after the sides and insides were glued.  The top piece snapped right in on the first try with the Raven. I plan on priming the entire model black and then painting it my Grey Knight theme color with gold, red, and tan trim.  I cannot wait to throw it down with my Termies.  The only negative I found was that it is very rear heavy compared to my vendetta's and Valkyrie's.  It doesn't lean forward as they do, but is more level. On a positive note they fixed the piece where the stand slides into with small tic like pieces that grab the clear stand.  It looks much better in person than in the picture. 

Come and see it at the tournament on Saturday!!!  It will be in the display case.  


  1. Just a few more days till I get to blow my birthday cash on one.... I'm so giddy!

  2. I was pretty excited, but I have to wait until April to use it! You can use it now! I will let you rent it for the tournament for ....$5! What do you say?

  3. I might buy a few and do an Ultramarines Honor Guard Army using the Grey Knight rules. Honor guard are so cool, but their rules are so awful.

  4. @spag, well, if I didn't have my own conversion I would. I just want to have a second one, and start work converting the standard kit into something cooler.

    @caulyndarr, Honor guard grey knights. That is the coolest Idea I've heard yet for GK. I love the honor guard models and now that they sell them by themselves I was tempted to get some except for the Ultramarine symbols on them.

  5. I could even run Telion as a Vindicare Assasin.

  6. Only pure Grey Knights will be exceptable!


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