Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gencon: The Costumes - Part 2

by Sandwyrm

Gandalf needs high heels!

Here's the rest of the costume pics. Enjoy!

He also did the Captain Morgan Rum pose for me, but the pic didn't come out.

Daleks in the Vendor Hall? Must get over there...

Woah! She's making that lady disappear! ;)

I have no idea...


 It's the Community Human Being's evil twin!

Not a costume, but still kind of impressive. :)

If you don't kill off a few Clouds, they'll be all over your Con. :)

Dr. Horrible!!! YES!!!

The Sanguinor's secret identity is revealed! :)

They were working the Malifaux booth. :)

It's TheNeverThere!!!

We asked and found out that this is a fan group for some obscure web comic. They were re-creating moments from the strip in the hall.



  1. The character with the giant pyramid head and sword is from the horror-survival computer game series 'Silent Hill', aka 'Pyramid Head'.

    1. Yeah, I knew it had to be some video game. But I haven't followed video games very closely since I came back to tabletop wargaming. With kids, I also can't play all of the horror games that I used to. At least until they're older.

  2. I dunno if the image link will work, but this is clearly what the tie-man is going for... Tie-thulu


  3. The orange swirly mask guy is another version of Tobi (see Costumes Part 1).

    I asked Sunday when they were less crazy and the people with orange horns are from Homestuck.

    The dude with the red mask and banner, and the guy next to him in blue armor are Yoshimitsu and Nightmare (respectively) from the Soul Calibur series. I believe they are in costumes from Soul Calibur IV.


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