Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh how I love "Marbo"

By Spaguatyrine

As I practice more for 6th I have used Marbo a few times and man does he pack a punch.

For all of you who don't know what Marbo (aka Rambo) scrambled up does. 

His stat line is:

WS: 5  BS: 5 T: 3 S: 3 W 2 I: 5 A 4/5 LD 7 Sv 5+
His special rules are fearless, fleet, hit n run, move thru cover, stealth, loner, he's behind you. 

He caries:
Ripper pistol-12" ap2, sniper pistol.  Yes he can kill a terminator.
Venomed Blade-Poison 2+ Ouch
Demo Charge!!!!! :)
Frag Grenades
Flak Armor- :(  Should have feel no pain or something but......

He always comes from reserves and is placed anywhere on the board at least 1" away from any enemy model. So meaning he can appear behind you and chuck that demo charge right where it is needed most.  You just deepstriked in a BA assault squad?  Those beast packs moving across the board for a turn 3 charge?  Let me tank shock some terminators together? How about those crisis suits sitting behind the hill. Not a problem for Marbo. Here is a strength 8 ap 1 large blast with BS 5 for you.  You add in the ability to place him anywhere and with the new shooting rules and wound allocation, you can sometimes pick out your target.   His template also provides a great way to punk paladin's and regular terminators.  If you are near a parking lot of vehicles av10 rear armor is a nice target also.

Yes he is 65 points that will most likely die the next turn, he can cause so much damage he is worth it.  You can also play him safe and put him out of sight and use him to assault the following turn into soft targets or hide to get the linebreaker objective.

Marbo makes a good distraction unit that players will often forget about.  Use him at your own risk as he can sometimes throw his demo charge and the wind will take it and put it back on his head. That saying he is worth it for guard in this edition better than 5th I feel.

Have you played with him and been successful?

Have you played against him and been hit hard?  Details?

Do you have other units in your army that have similar functions. 


  1. I think he is a great buy for what he does. He is 65 points that your opponent better not forget about, or he'll mess you up for sure.The last time I played agianst Marbo I got lucky, he came in killed two Rangers and then died.

  2. You should so use that LEGO model for Marbo btw, it would be wicked sweet.

  3. Funny! I think my version will look much better. I believe he will even have a bow!

  4. I haven't used him in 6th yet, but he was a 5th ed staple for my Scythiak. Most fun you can have with 65pts.

  5. I had a guy use Marbo on my Deathwing during a 1000 point game, then hit my unit with artillery, leaving one guy, then I failed my charge due to difficult terrain, and he charged and wiped my termie...on the 2nd round of combat, because he whiffed his first round of attacks. Not a proud moment for the ceramite clad boys in white.

  6. I use him in my 1500pt IG list. He's great, I've used him a lot against huge mobs of orks. The demo charge just sends them packing, and I've started using him for challenges quite a lot too. Although he's easy to squish, his stats often give him a good chance of striking first and doing quite a bit of damage before retaliation. It's true though, he does die easily. Oh I forgot to mention...he's the real deal in Cities of Death!

  7. I havent played 6th yet, but a friend of mine refers to him as '65 points of broken Guard Bulls**t, lol!

  8. I always include Marbo. Versus a Logan Wing at the ATC, he demo charged a 5 man wolf guard terminator squad, killing 3 of them. The remaining two charged him, and he killed one in close combat, taking no wounds in return. I hit and run out of combat, failed to kill the last terminator in shooting, and charged back in to kill the last terminator in close combat. I think I walked over and shot another terminator after that, putting his tally at 6 dead terminators for that game.

    I've pulled something similar versus two 6 man long fang packs. No long fangs walked away.

    Also, the demo charge is ap2.

  9. Only thing I can say is he's almost never worth suiciding.

    He almost never died at BFS 2011, en route to the GT win, and took out 3,000 points in the process over 7 rounds.

    He might have won me TC instead of just Best Overall as well, if i'd only remembered he had hit and run :-p

    Marbo is a pro, for sure.

  10. My bad on the ap2 error but is still +1 on the damage table for vehicles.

    If you can put him in ruins even on a second level then you are safe from killing yourself. Plus his 3+ cover save in ruins is great! I wish he could go to ground. He should be able to as hiding from bullets makes sense.

    1. Unless you're a manly man, which Marbo is. The measure everything thing for 6th now makes him a bit more survivable as well which is something that was overlooked. I'm still tossing up between Marbo and a PBS for an allied contingent for my Space Wolves though.

  11. Back in 5th I dropped the charge on a Tau command squad worth over 200 pts -won that tournament game. In an Apoc game I took out something like 9 Bloodletters with the charge... I miss Marbo. I might even go back to guard just for him... Maybe as allies...

  12. He is the man. I would take 3 of him if I could.

    Wait....... Maybe......

  13. I tested Marbo back in 5th and while fun and potentially really deadly Marbo had some serious liabilities.

    Marbo got a lot better now that in 6th ed the opponent can not reserve everything so there will be something there for him to chuck the demo charge at if he shows up turn 2 if you went first. This was a big problem with Marbo in 5th ed that if IG got first turn the opponent would all reserve so nothing would be around when Marbo showed up so you would have to hide him somewhere.

    If the opponent actually is around and gets hit by the demo charge it can be pretty devastating.

    Astropath is recommended to make Marbo show up on a 2+ turn 2 along with your Vendettas.

    Probably will have to work Marbo back into my IG lists again

    My Marbo looks like Solid Snake from Metal Gear which fits my army better then Rambo.


  14. Had Marbo kill a Eldar Scorpion tank. /comments ;)

  15. Nice Xi. He does have his uses. I like the comments that MVB made. Using him not to suicide himself unless neccessary is a great tactic.

  16. In the last Apoc game I was involved in, I was told I had 7000 points to spend on imperial guard. I used 107 marbos and nothing else. Many, many unhappy tidings for the opponents.

  17. I'm playing a 500 pt paint-it escalation league where I'm running tainted chaos guardsmen. Thanks for the info on Marbo, I'm going to add him in there (picks of the fallen are here)


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