Thursday, August 16, 2012

My DAKs Are Ready For Gencon!

by Sandwyrm

Farmpunk is enjoying himself at Gencon today while I'm stuck at home doing a bunch of chores for Mrs. Sandwyrm (stupid weekend houseguests). But I'll be down there for all of the next two days. Tomorrow I'll be walking around and helping Able Kompanie run their big North Africa tank battle demo. While on Saturday I'll be playing in the Mid-War tournament. So, since I've gotten my painting done (GASP!) early, I thought I'd take a few pics of my 1625 German Panzer army and put them up for all to see.

Here's my Panzer Scouts...

...and the kübels they run around in.

I originally wasn't going to put any grass on these bases, but when looking at pictures of Tunisia, there's scrub like that everywhere. So since I had some handy I went ahead and added it.

Here's my Anti-Aircraft half-tracks.  I had to re-build the barrel on the right-hand truck with some paper-clip wire and some liquid green stuff after it bent too far and broke. All hail the liquid green stuff!

My Panzer III N's with Shürzen side-skirts.

And my Panzer IV F2's.

Here's my Acht-Achts that will be killing your tanks.

And a rear view. The blue on the back edges of the bases is so that my opponent (and I) can easily tell one platoon from another when more than one are close to each other.

Such as when my Panzer Scouts are deployed around the 88's defensively.

Enjoy! I can't wait to get down there tomorrow!


  1. Good luck! Man, that's a fine looking army!

  2. FlaK 88mms? you dirty swine!! Make the Fatherland proud!

  3. Really a great paintjob!

    Ich wünsch dir viel Glück und viel Erfolg! ;)


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