Monday, August 27, 2012

If I hadn't already started...

by: farmpunk

At Gencon, I passed by and glanced at something. I should have stopped and examined some new plastics more closely....

no, not her. I did pass by the Soda Pop booth (yes SinSynn, I saw Tentacle Bento, and thought of you... and Marie-Claude... but not Megan Fox), and I think it was about the time of this pic... but I was on my way to pass by something SandWyrm and I have been waiting for...


Plastic from BattleFront. Our Friend Chris was astute enough to snap this pic, and share with the Able Companie members running events at GenCon. There were Germans too, and they looked great as well.

This all leads into the News last Thursday...

 A new Open Fire Box. (there's already a new basic beginner box called: Achtung!, with 2 Stugs, and 3 Shermans, replacing the OLD Open Fire! box, which was a decent deal to get tanks, and mini rulebook.)
as you can see from the box, the New beginner's set contains:
∙ A 52 Page Full Colour Quick Start Guide. 
∙ A 296 Page Full Colour Complete Rulebook. 
∙ More Than 118 Finely Detailed Miniatures. 
∙ V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Feature. 
∙ Cardboard Terrain, Tokens, Objective Markers, Army Lists, 20 Dice.

and a hint of German Infantry:


and for the Hardcore sprue people out there:

 Overall, I think it's a good outing. Especially when the box itself is scheduled to be priced $70USD. So that's around 50pounds, or 60Euro, or 80AUS.

If I didn't already Own a whole mess of Shermans. This would be very tempting. It's also a good start for anyone wanting to start into FoW. Especially if you find someone to split a box with. Add in a few more things, and you'e got yourself a fully functional FoW force!
a good start for $70!

I want to see BF venture into CAD designed and produced sprue. These look hand modeled. I think BF can improve on this good first step, and get better looking plastics. Look at what Wyrd miniatures did. They made the jump, and impressed people at GenCon. (not that BF isn't impressing me)

I'm eager to see what's to come.


  1. Not cool on the bait and switch.

    1. yeah. These are not the plastics you were looking for...

    2. wow!!! I WANT!!!!! I'm sure they are natural. And if they are not and some chick told me she got them so she could look good at Cons, well I would definitely say NOM, NOM, NOM!!!! On a side note, the Super Dungeon Explore game is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Though, that is a pretty sweet deal on the starter. Too bad I just accidentally built a Necron army and have a bunch of cash pledged into the Relic Knights kickstarter.

    1. That box set is pretty much exactly what I need to start that grenadier guards army I've been wanting. Plus more German stuff I can use.

  3. Wow...she really needs to meet the tentacles.

    I'm really impressed with the detail on those troopies (I'd also happily examine those plastics. Heh), and the price as well. 70 bucks surprised me!
    I'm very hopeful that when Battlefront starts releasing individual boxes of tanks and whatnot that they're competitively priced, and they don't pull a GW on us.
    'Same model, cheaper material, same old price. Oh, wait...INCREASE!'
    *crosses tentacles, cuz I lack fingers*
    This is a GIANT step for Battlefront, and they're heading in the right direction. It's good to see and is helping renew my faith in them after the whole 'no more 3rd party stuffs' debacle.

    Rumors are that the Jagdtiger is coming soon, with the next Battle of the Bulge campaign book (ok, last joke: hey, speaking of Bulges....).
    I'm gonna need a few Jagdtigers, they're beastly. Do want.
    If they made 'em in plastic I would be ever so amped!

  4. wow... i wonder what they have to pay her to wear that get-up? i bet she's hiding behind that desk as much as possible, though the desk is only so high... what a shame.

  5. Such a great starter set...and a stroke of pure genius including British and US units as allies: way to sow the seeds for THREE potential new armies per box sold. Nicely fluffy enough, too.

    If I could in any way jusstify buying this I'd be all over it like a rash.


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