Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goodbye Ron...

by SandWyrm

What the... ?! From the Warp is closing down!

Well maybe "stasis", or "on hold" are better terms, but blogs die pretty quick when there's no updates.

Ron will be missed. His blog had a huge influence on how we approached ours. Plus the vast majority of our traffic in the early days came from mentions on FTW. So we owe him a real debt.

So long! You'll be missed.


  1. Ron went on hiatus a few years ago, then restarted FTW.

    We got noticed a lot becasue of FTW. FTW was the FIRST blog association we joined.

    It's one big mess o'blogs over there. I completely believe it's almost a full-time job for Ron.

    I'm glad he takes some time to re-evaluate his priorities.

  2. A lot of us owe him that open door, not to mention all the inspiration.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more, SandWyrm. Ron has been so influential for the hobby blogging community.

  4. Does this mean he's closing down the blogsite? So much useful infomation there, be a shame for others to miss out on the info that Ron put all the effort into compiling to a single blogsite.

    We will still be here when your ready to come back Ron!

  5. The FTW blog is still up (and the blog roll is still updating) but Ron is not adding any new content or new folks to the blog roll. The info that was published will still be accessible.

  6. I appreciate the post guys.
    And you all do not owe me anything. What I did with FTW was try create an opportunity for everyone. One that wasn't always there for people starting out.

    Your blog is what it is because of what you've put into it. You have what you have today because of the hard work you've invested in it.

    FWT will not be coming down.
    It will stay there as an archive of how I started and maybe how most of us started too.

    I will keep an eye on things, but I fear that without the constant policing, things may begin to change/deteriorate and if that happens, I may be inclined to remove those portions from the site so the cancer does not spread.

    I had to stop work on in a few years ago and came back later on.
    I do not see that happening again (the coming back). I know some folks wish for that to happen, but I believe that FTW has come to a point where it has done all that it can do.


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