Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some new beasts

By TheGraveMind

As I'm sure most people are aware, Second wave Dark eldar have been announced. While I'm still waiting for my second wave Tyranids I thought it would be interesting to see what minis they put out. They have a beastmaster, some beasts, and succubi. The beastmaster and succubi I expected, but making actual beasts... that one surprised me. And they look cool! With these new beasts and the new spider that just came out, I'm feeling like I might start owning a zoo.

But I found this little gem on the GW page for Claw fiend that kind of made me laugh.
"This is what makes the Dark Eldar different, this huge diversity of weird alien creatures. There really is nothing else like this in Warhammer 40,000."
So I guess the Tyranid don't count as anything to GW any more. Oh and sorry tau auxiliary forces, you're all actually Tau, not other alien races.


  1. The price tag of such a unit makes me glad I already have my army.

    I think the "intarwebs standard" pack is in the range of $150-200.

    Ridiculous much? You pay more dollars per point than for Gretchin.

    Don't get me wrong, the models are pretty nice (my favorite being the Clawed Fiend, with the Khymera being fun, but not better than what a lot of people were already using, and the Flock being downright uninspired, if well sculpted)... but I really can't believe that GW is selling them at this price.

  2. To be fair, Tyranids usually aren't inside out as this monstrous mess appears to be. ha.

  3. I'm guessing the referenced quote is why "Nick from the training team" should probably not be the source of testimonials for the product...

  4. I think the Razorwings would make some nice Screamers of Tzeentch for a LOT less money.

    The rest of the stuff is nice, but WAY too expensive for my taste.

  5. Alternate models are defiantly the way to go. The models are pretty but they are way too expensive.

    I'd just convert a Hellion to get a beastmaster

    Dire wolves, Wargs or Chaos Warhounds would make great Khymerae
    For the razorwings I'd use bats
    As for the clawed fiend - Cold Ones!

  6. This is their second wave? Critters that I don't think I'll ever see on the table - nice. Just about every unit in the book can take the non-existent venom for transport and we get critters - I say again, nice.

  7. I agree that the models are really nice but why couldn't they be plastic kits? =( The cost is a bit much as everyone is saying.

  8. @ bob, actually from what I hear, the beast packs are the DE equivalent to thunderwolve calve. That's why I was so surprised by them releasing models for them.


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