Thursday, January 27, 2011

Orks: 1500 pt tourney list.

by Uberdark

My response to FarmPunk telling me I had ice cream balls.

Needing advice on my army for the newest 1500 pt game.  Farmpunk asked me last night to put it up, at which point i stated: "In front of all the world to see?" 

His response was: "Do you have steel balls, or ice cream balls?"

I threw my marshmallow, cotton candy ice cream on the ground and growled to the world, "BRING IT ON, WAAAAAGH!"  at least that is how I remember it. I think the blue mouth and marshmallow cotton candy bowl of ice cream really upped my bad assishness; lol.

edit:  decided to post this for all to see, before the other back40kers post on it, to basically get the rest of the blogospheres responses.  :)   and it might just help out the aspiring ork player as well.

so here is my list, any ideas would be great.

it is not complete, and i have 94 points left to work with. 

Warboss:  warbike, power klaw, attack squig, bosspole, cybork body
Big Mek:  Kustom force field.


6 Lootas

6 Lootas

4 nob bikers
1 biker w/power klaw and waaagh banner.
1 biker power klaw.
1 biker power klaw and cybork body.
1 biker painboy.


12 Ork Boyz: big shoota.
nob:  power klaw, bosspole, armor.

w/trukk:  red paint job, boarding plank, ram.

12 Ork Boyz: big shoota.
nob:  power klaw, bosspole, armor. 

w trukk:  red paint job, boarding plank, ram.

12 Ork boyz:  big shoota.
nob:  big choppa, bosspole, armor.

w/trukk:  red paint job, wrecking ball, ram.

Heavy Support:

Battlewagon:  ard' case, deff rolla, red paint, kannon, x4 big shootas.

After all this, I have a grand total of 94 points left to spend on something.  I originally had some rokkit shooting killa kans in it, or another ork nob biker.  its really up in the air at this time.  I have a week to model crap too, cause I'm going for the painting award too.  I have been told to add more lootas.  and at this amount of points left, I could conceivably add 6 more lootas.  The nobs count as troops choice, because of the warboss so i do have room.  so with that.  here we go.


  1. First off, I like the list style, an Ork after my own green heart. Here's some stuff I'm seeing/wonder:

    Give a Nob Biker a bosspole, not your Warboss. Simple reason, the Warboss can be singled out in combat and there goes your bosspole. Plus, it allows you to detach your Warboss if needed and not impact the Nobz.

    Speaking of Nob Bikers, get some big choppas. That entire unit, minus the Painboy, is swinging at I1 and you only have one Nob with a cybork. That means any die-hard assault unit will put a good dent in you before you get to swing. Personally, I'd leave one Nob with a PK and go big choppas on the rest. That will give you 12 attacks at I4 on the charge, 8 of which are S7 and the other 4 are poisoned, so re-rolls on wounding. Then at I1 the Nob and Warboss clean up.

    Is the BW just for the Big Mek to ride in to use the KFF or what's the plan for that?

  2. Personally I'd strip most of the guns and the ard case off of the battlewagon, and using those points plus perhaps some others scrounged up (like perhaps dropping one PK from the biker nobs) along with your leftovers to buy a mob of boyz to stick in the wagon. You want that thing rolla-ing over the enemy and being a big bubble-maker for the KFF to cover the trukks. Better to bring some boyz along istead of trying to sit and shoot. Keep one, maybe two guns for extra weapon destroyed->immob. protection but you don't need them all.

  3. at this point the big mek, rides in the bw, to basically support the boys in the trukks giving them all a 4+ cover save. 75% of the time this works and i usually end up getting all my boys to where they need to be. i have toyed with the idea of taking the killkannon and removing the kannon on the bw, giving me a strength 7 ap 3 large blast template. marine killers. the deff rolla is also a blast to use when someone foolishly moves there land raider in too close.

    nobs: i keep hearing this about the nobs. too many pks, this would also open up a crap ton of more points if i got rid of one or two. but i do like the idea of insta killy on a 2 up pk attack.

  4. sonsoftaurus: hi and thanks for the response. i prersonally would strip the ard case, but its glued to the hull. lol. so thats out. although the idea of 12 more boys does sound like a solid shot. and then the big mek could join the unit and ride in the transport with the boys. good idea. and i could actually take off two big shootas, giving me 10 more points.

  5. Regarding PKs: Orks are rarely able to match a Marine's initiative so it's useful when we can, IE: charging Nobz, and that's what makes the big choppa a great piece of gear, getting I4 S7 attacks. You usually only need a few PKs.

    I'm with Taurus, the BW needs a better use. The Kannon + 4 big shootas isn't doing you any favors. If it's keeping pace with Trukks to give KFF coverage then you're not shooting anyway. Take one gun to cover weapon destroyed results and call it good.

    As for a use, ever try putting Burnas in there? You could swap 6 Lootas for 6 Burnas, maybe more depending on how you re-work wargear. BW rides around, gives cover, once you get in their grill you deff rolla to bunch them up and open up with burnas.

    * Just noticed the 'ard case, ug. That rather ruins the drive by burnings.

    I wouldn't bother with a killkannon. It's short ranged, only S7 so barely ever causing instant death, and overpriced for what it is.

  6. Depending on how it's modeled, might be easy enough to treat it as open topped anyways. Even the stock "ard case" doesn't really enclose the back.

    12 nothing! 18+PK/bosspole Nob is only 154 IIRC, so you'd only need to scrape up 60pts. Alternatively burnas as mentioned, or meganobs could be fun.

  7. taurus and thor: dont have the models for burnas. sad panda face. and trust me thats being used this summer at ard' boyz. and if you've seen my tank, well that would be a tough sell to count as open topped. lol.

  8. I think the list you have is pretty good. Here are some of my thoughts on the army though.

    Nob bikers - Drop a PK and give it to the Boyz Nob with BC. I imagine the WB is going with the Nobz. 4 PK's is overkill. Even if the Warboss splits off after getting to the enemy 3 is more than you will probably need unless you’re fighting Land Raiders and you still have it in your boyz squad so no loss there. Also I am not a 100% because I have never had it come up but I think all the nobz have to have cybork bodies if any of them do. It says "all models". Like I said not 100% on the ruling there because I have never seen it come up.

    Lootas - Looking at your list I see a lot of fast moving units. I see the lootas being good at popping light armor before your troops get there but I don't feel they pose an immediate threat in comparison to your other units. This could be good because they won’t be primary targets but that’s the downside the units that are acting as your work horse will be taking all of the fire. My thoughts are a unit or two of Deffkoptas with rokkits and buzzsaw would fit in a little better. If you added in a bigbomm to each unit you gain the benefit of wound allocation. With the koptas you give an immediate threat to your opponent that may cause fire to be directed away from your other units helping ensure your PK's get in there and get the job done. You will have to move points around to fit 2 units in but I think it would help out a lot. I understand the role of the lootas and can imagine how you want to use them. I just want to give you another idea on how to do the same thing and possibly support the army a bit better.

    Good list though I like it. In the end though it's all about how you like to play the game and for me with Orks I like to get in the fight with everything and like to do it as fast as possible. If Lootas fit your play style better by all means leave them in and add another unit after all they're a pretty solid unit

  9. Jesus, that thing is beautiful. Nice job!

  10. That is a very impressive BW. I can't even teasingly say "you missed a spot" with the armor plating.... ya that's not open topped.

  11. That looks like a killkannon + kannon gunwagon to me. Give it the 40 point gretchin upgrade to make it scoring, and park it on an objective. Build ANOTHER battlewagon to make open topped, fill with burnas, and run up with your trukks. You were gonna build another battlewagon anyway, right?

    In the short term, three loads really doesn't seem like enough trukkboys to me. I would probably use the extra points (and pull powerklaws from the nobs as necessary) to get another squad in there.

    That seems like enough lootas to me, but then again, I don't run ANY lootas, because they have always been a disappointment in my games.

  12. Awe, you can't re-model that BW in a week? What, do you have Ice Cream Balls?

  13. As Dino wrote. Put som green tots in it (40p) and now it's scoring. Awesome conversion and paintjob on the BW.

    And get a klaw for the last trukkmob. Big choppa looks nice, but isn't half as usefull.

    With the 54p you got left. You can add some Anti-tank with a single rocket buggy. And weld some rokkits on some of your trukks and pray to mork for luck!

  14. so i went through the list, and due to your talkies, i am doing this. right now i am:

    making it

    7 loota squads.

    redoing the biker squad, adding a big choppa, and taking out a pk, adding a bosspole, cybork all the bodies.

    warbiker boss: remove the bosspole.

    add 10 boys and 1 nob with big choppa, and put them into the battlewagon.

    at this, I am fine with the nob bikers, fine, w/lootas. but after talking to foodie: we talked about possibly switching out the boys and putting in place of them a 3 killa kan squad all with rokkit launchas. this could conceivably blow some crap up, or tie up a unit or two for quite a few turns.

    the boys in the bw would not move out unless the vehicle is esploded. the big mek would become part of the unit when they get in, soooo, im thinkin im iffy on this juncture.

    so what do you guys think? 3 killa kans with rokkit launchas? Or, the 11 man unit in the battle wagon?

    as for the pks on the nob in the trukk, cant do it, cause im out of pks and dont feel like painting or converting more than i have to before next week. :)

  15. Killa kans are nice, but they will have a heck of a time keeping pace with the rest of your army, especially if you hope to shoot rockets out of them along the way. By the time they get to the front line, your boys will have already been in combat a round or two, and the fight will have taken the shape that it's gonna take. They make a decent midfield shooting platform, but that's what the lootas are for. If you are going to use cans in melee, you probably don't want anything faster than a battlewagon carrying your main force.

    Kans DO make wonderful guards for the rear armor of a battlewagon if you are worried about drop pods coming in behind you. But three of them is too many for that purpose.

    I like the 11 boys in the wagon more I think. Why wouldn't they get out though? They can climb out and leave the big mek inside, if that's what I am reading your concern as.

  16. Wow Uberdark. Alot of this is similar to what I said! ;) LOL! I never thought of the grot thing but I have only seen them twice anyways. Remember with your assault style army, long to medium firepower over the heads of your charging army works great. They did it in the old days with archers shooting over the charging knights. And well they probably hit the same as your orks do, but it is a threat, and combat is 49% mental anyways.

    The othe 50% is skill and resources.

    And the last 1% is luck.

  17. I personally would cut back on the Nob Biker's kitout, and try to another bodies.

    Other than that, I don't have my book but...:
    - Don't all Nobs have to take the Cybork Upgrade? Is it "Any Nob may" or "All Nobs may"?
    - Slot them into the Troops FOC Slot for sure.
    - Nobs are 3 Attacks base (I think someone said they were 2?)
    - Big Choppas are S7 on the charge, so don't quite intsa-kill T4 but still wound on 2's most of the time.

    I personally run my nobs in a Wagon, 6 + Painboy, all with Big Choppas, Cybork, and grab a Waaagh Banner and Bosspole. I don't even run PK's.
    Its amazing what 24 WS5 S7 hits on the charge does to almost any squad around - and they usually survive combat with anything, as the really nasty stuff hits at I1 and they have to weather a craptonne of hits first.

  18. Cybork is definitely an entire unit choice, not model by model.

    It's either all or none.

  19. I'd look into adjusting the cybork body on the nob, the attack squig seems like you had points and just said what the hell. Also do you really need rams on the Battlewagons? If you have boarding planks a ram seems redundant unless it's free. (i'm in class and don't have my orky codex here with me to check.)

    O! and need more lootas make the squads 7, 7 is a lucky number.

  20. rionnay: the attack squig gives the added punch for that extra attack, so hes got i think 6 attacks on the charge. i do not have boarding planks on the bw. i think your talking about the trukks instead. and yes, they ALL need rams. i can reroll the dangerous terrain, and i have found that comes in quite handy, ntm the ability to tank shock. even if i have all the boys out of the trukk, then i start tank shocking, dont mind if i lose it by then, cause its casuing units to fall back, lose coherency, or blow up and cause some strength 3 hits. its really the luck of the dice on that one.

    nobs w/cybork: i played foodie last week and did that on my warboss, and it flat out saved him for 3 rounds. will that always happen. unlikely, but i feel for 5 points its 100% worth it.
    what do you think of the boys in the bw? should i keep them or do the 3 killa kans instead?

  21. Warboss (PK/Eavy Armor/Cybork)
    Big Mek (KFF)(Stays in battlewagon)

    8 tankbustas (2 hammers), Nob (PK/ 'Eavy/Bosspole)
    5 nobz + Painboy (Cybork, x2 PK, Bosspole, waaagh banner, x2 skortcha kombi)

    19 shoota boyz (x2 Big Shoota) + Nob (PK/BP)
    19 shoota boyz (x2 Big Shoota) + Nob (PK/BP)

    x4 Battlewagons (Armored Plates/Big Shoota/Deff Rolla/Grot Riggers*/Red Paint)

    (*No grot riggers for Big Mek/Warboss/Nobz, as the mek can fix it)


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