Friday, October 8, 2010

Knowing da Rules

By TheGraveMind 

First note, It seems it has been a while since I posted last. I noticed this because the way the image uploader has changed on Blogger, not sure when that happened....

But I've been away, dealing with life, getting in as many games as I can trying to learn thy enemy... I mean learn how to play my marines. And this past week I've taken some time off and finally started painting again. I plan on posting some of those picture soon, after I get my battle reports finished.

The meat of this post though, is that I was skimming through the rule book, looking for delicious little details. Actually, I was working on my Battle report from my game with Spaguatyrine, and thought to myself, man if only I had done this. Which led to some thoughts of how by rules I could have done it. Long story short, I reread most of the rule book, and dug deeper into parts I haven't fully read.

And let me tell you, man have I been cheated out of things. Not intentionally I'm sure, but little things about movement, and the tricks you can do, or with assaults. I recommend everyone rereads the rule book every once and a while. I'm not saying I'm going to be a complete rule lawyer, but I'm not going to let people take advantage of my lack of knowledge. So now you know, and as the interesting read over at Tau-centric blog of Combined Arms said "Information is ammunition."


  1. You should check out my buddy Thor's quizzes over at - they're really a great way to get refreshed on rules and make you consider things you might not have otherwise...

    I'm reading the rules off and on - and I sure don't know them yet, but I am learning!

  2. Re-reading the main rule book is a great idea. Especially if you're an old timer like me who might have 3 other editions floating around in your head.

    There are a LOT of people who are still mixing up 4th and 5th edition rules, even 2 years on.

  3. First one I found.
    Everyone knows the "closest to closest", but does everyone remember that it is through the shortest distance? Thus making it that much more difficult for singe models to multi-assault. AKA monstrous creatures.

    Second being that you can then move any models in any order after that. So you could hypothetical block of the front row from the assault by moving up the back row first. Though enemy pile in and the 2" rule means that is mostly useless, but it's there if needed.

  4. Most people are dramatically unfamiliar with the specifics of how Assaults work, because most games include at least one army for whom Assault is an afterthought, and they're all mostly one-sided affairs because of that.

  5. Page 63 (or 65) don't remember. If a unit is in base to base on the controlling players turn and immobilizes a vehicle. You may then make all your attacks on the opponents assault phase against that vehicle!!! That made my day when I saw that :-D

  6. I've found myself re-reading the rulebook every couple months to help remember some of the more obscure rules.
    Of course it might help if I played more.
    It is amazing what we forget though.

    From the Warp

  7. Just to clarify though, most of the things I've been cheated out of, were because I didn't know I could do them, or did them in a disadvantaging way.

    All of this is the great learning process that helps make you a great player. I'll gladly take it.

  8. Thanks for the blog link, it generated a fair little bit of traffic!


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