Monday, October 4, 2010

List Question: Tyrannids

by SandWyrm

Hey SandWyrm,
It's Andrew from the game preserve, I play Tyranids (the red and tan ones) also the 4 raider space wolves. I wanted to throw my 2k tyranid list at you see what you think. Feel free to put it up on Theback40k I don't mind. As one of the few opinions I respect and accept I'd love to get your feed back.

HQ- Hive tyrant, hive commander, Heavy venom cannon
Elite- Doom in a Drop Spore
        3 Zoanthropes in Spore
        3 Hive guard
Troopes- 10 termagants
              10 termagants
              1 tervigon- catalyst, adrenal, toxin
              1 tervigon- catalyst, adrenal, toxin
Fast Attack- Harpy Heavy Venom Cannon
Heavy- Mawloc
           Tyranofex Rupture cannon

Heavy venom- STR9 AP4 blast
Rupture cannon- STR10 AP4 Assault 2

Try to always go second, hive commander will then allow me to decide if outflanking a tervigon is worth it along with all the deepstrikers on turn 2. Outflanking monstrous creatures are scary, lastly the thropes doom and both mawlocs drop turn 2. The mawlocs get deployed turn 1 to make sure I can get them to burrow turn 1 and pop up turn 2.

I've played the new revamped list several times here in muncie while i've been at school. The competition isn't great so I want to be sure it's not just poor competition leading to my winning of games if that makes sense. Feel free to get back to me whenever or I'll just check the blog for a response ^_^ Thanks again.

SandWyrm's Reply:

Sorry about the delay in getting to this, I've been busy with one project after another lately.

It's an interesting list, and one I'd like to play against in order to get a feel for it. Mawlocs always seem to get ignored in favor of Trygons, which only frighten close combat troops. But I've never been able to figure out what else I'd take to support them. My fear is that they'll pop up one at a time and eat meltas before they get to do very much. MCs marching across the table at least get buffs from your Tervigons.

I think I'd drop the Doom, as he can't do much of anything to troops in transports. Which is the standard that you have to beat. In his place I'd take more Hive Guard to give you enough long range anti-transport fire, since you can't take another Tyrannofex.

I'm not crazy about the Zoeys either, as I think they're too fragile. But they might work well enough in this list with the Mawlocs around to suck up fire.

What do theBack40K readers think?


  1. If you just deploy the mawlocs on turn 1 and burrow them they are determined to come in turn 2. ^_^ that's the easiest way to make sure they come in.

    Next time I'm home I'll be sure to get a game in with you, I'd like to play against that amazing guard army if at all possible, or the Sanguinary Angels.

  2. Well, I can give some of my general opinions. Over all a really solid list, with only a few things to tweak.

    I'm not a fan of the Hive tyrant, I think he is over priced. But if you want him, and use him for the hive commander then there are two things I'd recommend. First being have at least 1 Tyrant guard, this allows for wound allocation and cover saves for the squad. If you cannot find points for a guard, then next is the Improved armor upgrade. Making him a 2+ will save you from the vast amount of krak like rounds that everyone is using. He honestly would be my first target to gun down turn 1, thus ruining your hive commander ability.

    I agree with Sandwyrm, I would switch out Doom. With the new FAQ even giving cover saves against it, He isn't going to be that great, and he is only really good if you can get the vehicles opened first. I honestly would run the Zoanthropes instead of podding them. They may draw fire, but they have a presence from first turn, and can threaten armor. But if the hive commander works for you than that's great.

    Same with harpies, Not my cup of tea, but if they work for you, kudos.
    Also keep in mind if you outflank Tervigons they cannon make gaunts that turn, as it is before they move.

    Overall a solid list and I'd be interested in seeing it play at 2k.

  3. @Rionnay

    It'll be the Guard if I see you this week. I've just finished painting the last few squads in my 2K list. AT LAST!!!

    While the Wives were away, Farmpunk and I had a Grey Knight painting day this past weekend where we tested out some wash techniques. So I'll have a good-looking Brocap + squad to show off soon.

  4. @Sandwyrm

    Wish I could be in Indy, unfortunately I never make it home, sad day I know. However I extend the Invite to all Back40k members come to muncie 12 noon on saturdays get a game in.

    Back on task

    @the gravemind, the 2+ save or a guard for the tyrant would be great honestly. I haven't quite found the points to spend however. I was looking into dropping the two mawlocs and adding one more tyranofex along with a guard with a few points left over.

    I guess what I really want to try and keep from doing is netlisting from Stelek >_< The hive guard tyranofex spam is the last thing I really want to do, but I openly admit that it's what almost has to be done to win games in a mech driven environment.

  5. Well, that is pretty my my list, though I wouldn't consider it net list, since I came up with it on my own.
    2 tervigons, 2 tyrannofexes, 3 squads of 2 hive guard, and a biovore squad.
    extremely effective, and got a little boring.
    Then I dropped the box, so I've been working on a fun list until I get the motivation to rebuild my competitive list.

    If you're looking for a chance to test them out against some mech, let me know, I'm usually around and my marines are itching to face against opposing nids.

  6. I've got a friend here in Muncie that plays a Mech wolves army, pretty much netlisted from Steleks razor wolf spam list.
    -rhino Runepriest 9 guys one melta
    -5X5 guys melta with lasplas razor
    -2 3lascannon preds
    -3 AssCan AutoCan naughts
    - 3X1 speeder melta flamer

    Idk just feel like I know what list would win games just refuse to play a list where i'm spamming the same 4 models the whole time, gants, hive guard, tervigons, tyranofexs. No offense towards you at all GraveMind

  7. Yeah, that's the problem with the New Nids. Lack of build variety.

    As it shook out, there were really only 2 builds: Tyrannofex/Hive Guard/Tervigons and drop Nids. Then GW nerfed the drop Nids in the FAQ by gimping the Doom and denying spore-users the same flexibility that Marines get with Drop Pods.

    So that pretty much leaves one competitive build to the 4-5 that IG have and the 3-4 that Wolves and Blood Angels have.

  8. Meh, I challenge anyone who says Hive Guard spam is the only effective build. I do fine with my three, both against Mech and more infantry heavy types.

    Most armies look to Melta to deal with armor - Nids have to be a bit more creative... but the methods are there.

    I've played Andrew's bugs (maybe not this list, but at least very very similar) and it was a solid tie. We both could have done some things better and walked away with some new tactics for the swarm.

    That said, I'd be happy to run up for a game sometime to lay a bit of smack down around :)

  9. I agree with AF, hive guard spam is not the only way... but it has the highest ease/efficiency ratio. Other ways require more finesse and more experienced (tyranid) players.

    Carlos and I faced off at a tournament near the beginning of the summer. I played my above mentioned list, while he ran some zoan, trygon, warriors and three squads of genestealers. We literally tabled each other. His trygon was all he had left with 2 wounds, (from regen, lucky). I had a Tyrannofex with 3 wounds left. He won for having his Trygon further out of his deployment zone.

    I'd enjoy playing said Nid lists with my Mech-angels. With my intimate knowledge of Nids, I think I can do target priority.

  10. I have seen the list in question (though I have yet to play against it) And I agree it is a very solid list. The main issues I've seen with it are

    A. The general weakness of the hive tyrant. Playing against someone who can spam AP3 could possibly have 2 turns to shoot it down before you get your reserve rolls (if you go second) thus if you get bad deployment options it can throw a wrench in the works.

    Doom is good in this list, but again its very luck driven. It can either last forever and decimate an opponent. Or drop to the first lazcannon shot directed at it. Its not a bad risk.. but its still risky.

  11. Keep in mind dooms STR X AP1 Large blast everyone (24")

    The tyrant, unfortunately is very open to being blasted, however I try to play him smart and give him cover. That does lower his ability to shoot turn one or two though. I was thinking of trying to find a way to add a guard so that he can always get a cover and still shoot.

    @ AF- sir I still want my rematch you wont get so lucky this time sir.


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