Saturday, October 23, 2010

Upcoming Hive Fleet Indy Win/Loss Tourney

by SandWyrm

Here we go. A real competitive tourney! I'll be there with the Tallarn XIIIth.

Hive Fleet Indy Year-End Tournament
Nov. 6th @ Games2Die4
11:30am- 7pm
1,750 pts w/normal force organization

This will be a WIN or LOSE format. There will be no soft scores, but there will be separate prizes for army appearance and a sportsmanship award. Army appearance will be a player’s choice award and sportsmanship will be a combination of player input and TO judgment. ALL armies must be based and have at least 3 colors of paint on them; any army that does not meet this requirement will suffer a 250 victory point reduction per game. This is to promote the hobby aspect of our game and I don’t want it to make someone “lose” because of it. Entry fee is $10 and we will have GW prize support as well.

These will be from the rulebook with a few minor modifications.

Seize Ground + Dawn of War.
Find the center point and place an objective, then find the center of each table quarter and place another in each for a total of five objectives.  Secondary objective is table quarters.  In the event of a draw you will use VP’s as the tie-breaker.

Capture&Control + Pitched Battle
Place objectives as normal, then place an objective in the center point of the table. Secondary objective is table quarters.  In the event of a draw you will use VP’s as the tie-breaker.

Annihilation + Spearhead
There will be 9” from center point for deployment and place an objective at the center point of the table.  If both players have equal KP’s at the end of the game then you will count how many UNITS each player has within 12” of the objective.  Secondary objective is table quarters.

We will be using all current FAQ’s and the rulebook for play and judging. Start time is 11:30 am and there will be 3 rounds @ 2 hour time limits with 2-15 minute breaks and ½ hour for lunch.

Prizes= 1st-90, 2nd-50, 3rd-40, 4th-30, 5th-20 there will also be $25 for army appearance and sportsmanship as well as a $10 prize to be awarded by the TO.  The prize payout is based upon a full field of 20 and will scale down per attendance.



  1. You can email or call me to get signed up. My Cell is 317-752-4920. My email is Or you can call Games 2 Die 4 at 317-271-4234. Only 20 spots and I know of 8 that will be put on the list tomorrow.

    Scott is running the event so....

    Is the Footdar going to make it 3-0? Are the Daemons going to show up in force to take top prize? Some flavor of the week space marine army? Or how about those wimpy Sisters of Battle? Let's find out, sign up soon!!!

  2. Just a quick question, as Dark Eldar is my only fully painted/based army thus far...

    Unless I've mixed up the dates, the 6th is the day the new book comes out. Maybe it's a silly question, but... are the new rules going to be in full force?

    I only ask because that doesn't leave much time to playtest and figure out a list, etc. But otherwise, as you were, gentlemen.

  3. footdar can't scale to 1750 - at least not with what i have table-ready. that makes me sad.

    i'll bring marines instead.

  4. Well, it is short notice for me, but I'm going to try and make it.

  5. Short Notice? We told you at the last tournament!! :) We hope you can make it. It looks like Carlos is coming down to make it as well.

  6. I can't make it. I've got to work that night, and have family stuff that day. sad panda.

  7. Short notice cause I forgot about it. If I don't write it down immediately or see it in writing somewhere I forget.

    I am scheduled to work right now, but I'm trying to get some one to cover for me.
    also, I've been out of the game for a week or two, I'm already feeling rusty. So I guess some games for practice are in order.

  8. Already have a tourney that day, damn next one though.


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