Friday, October 15, 2010

My week of weak painting

By TheGraveMind

I present to you, Proteus. He was once a Captain of the 2nd company, and a promising Chaplain. Yes, in my fluff the Captains are pulled from the Chaplains. With the ongoing decent of the Plasma Drake chapter, He has risen first to the rank of Reclusiarch, but now also fills to role of Chapter Master. I've some what regretted not giving him a special pistol, but I think it has turned out ok. I tried to build and paint him around what I called a base angle. He is really meant to be looked at, as pictured above, and so I wrote his name there to reinforce it. 

Instead of having the plain blue and silver look of the rest of my army, I tried to make it so he'd stand out more. I wanted to use some contrasting colors, without delving to much into white and gold, and thus turning into Ultramarines. EH! So I went with a fiery orange. I tried to balance it nicely, with the cape to one side, the axe to the other. I had the Iron halo also more of an orange base, to make a Triangle of focus. Ya, I'm just making up terms now.

I am really proud of how well he turned out. Which is a good thing considering how much time I put into him. (A lot, I paint slowly when I'm painting well, and visa versa). I've done a few more touch ups, mostly on the base and added some grass to it. I took time to put his name on his shoulder pad, and add little details here and there. I am very happy of the blending of the axe as well. Here are some pictures from other angles.

So I have one more finished model. Wooo hooo! Now just the rest of the army to paint. Well, looking up more tips, I found that it seems a lot of people are using ... I don't even know what they call them. Painting completion blocks? Yep, made up another term. Anyway, they show the progress of their army, and I figured I'd give it a try and maybe make me realize I need to paint more. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue how they made theirs, I did mine hastily on Excel.

As you can see, I really don't have that much done. To be noted, the jump packs are magnetized and so are listed separately from the assault marines. And I did just buy some, but didn't update this. So I am going to try and get some stuff done over my upcoming Fall Break. I have 4 rhinos that need to be assembled, a Baal predator (yes I'll finish them first so I can post them as the joke and have many laughs), then I'll prime them and everything else that I have. Maybe I'll even get those semi-painted models up to finished. Maybe someday I'll play with a fully painted army, I have yet to experience that phenomenon.

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  1. looks good.

    I've painted up a few GK's with an experimental scheme. It's one I tried at SandWyrm's a few weeks ago, and wasn't sure about.... then took a second look and decided it worked.

    I'm using Rust Oxide primer and then going over with Cream mixed with metallic medium. targetted washing of terracotta/scorched brown to make the details stand out. Trim in Gold, and do belt accessories.

    gives a very warm, White metallic look.

    I'll have to put up a step-by step, but SandWyrm's grey primed, sprayed silver, and washed with turquoise GK's look better, with easier steps.

    I almost did mine black primer with a light coat of boltgun, then drybrushed silver, with gold trim (a scheme I did on one model, but wasn't sure about... I wanted my GK's to be different)


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