Friday, October 1, 2010


by: farmpunk

Every so often, when 40K starts getting slow, and there's not a lot I'm excited about with the world of 40K, an old familiar hankering comes around. either do an Escalation league, or a campaign, or.....NECROMUNDA.

I bopped down to the FLGS last Wed, to find not much going on for once. Anonymous Foodie was preparing for a game with BritKid, who's 13 or so, and plenty of disposable income to put towards IG tanks. We pulled out the store copy of the Battle Missions book, and rolled up a Dark Eldar Slave raid mission. Which was fun to watch, and hear how the 'might of the imperial tank forces will crush you from a distance....' quickly went to whining about how unfair Dark Eldar are.

Afterwards, Anonymous Foodie and I got to talking about starting various things to keep our interest in game night up. (besides new sexxah Dark Eldar, and new GK's coming in January) I mean, it's still going to be a long time until we really get something new. Not much has happened in the land of 40K since GW decided Fantasy would get all the focus this summer. (ok, other than Angry Cherry Marines in Spring)

Necromunda got brought up. I like Necromunda. We used to play Necro back in Champaign at Armored Gopher Games. It was good times, and a good way to break up some of the same-o same-o. Besides, It's not hard to get a small band of maybe 10 models together, and customize them. It's also got the campaign feel, and rather than a full-scale battle, it's a SKIRMISH between small warbands.

The Rules are free from GW. NECROMUNDA RULES. They're a little different than your normal 40K rules, so I'd read 'em over a time or two. I don't recommend newer players play any of the 'expansion' gangs. They're tough to play. I also don't recommend anyone playing Spyrer gangs.
Spyrer's are Noble houses coming down to the slums to have fun killing the lower classes for sport. It's like haivng your IG platoon squad face off against 5 Vanguard/Sternguard Space Marines in artificer armor. not so much fun.
I do recommend using the Skills v2 tables. In original Necromunda, Van Saar gangs were really powerful because they got the Shooting and the Technology for all of their gangers.

oh. I got ahead of myself. What's this Houses and Gangs things I've mentioned?
To play Necromunda, you need to create a gang. It's like your force in 40K, what you're bringing to the table. To create a Gang, you need to pick a House. This is sort of like your Faction codex in 40K.

Each gang has it's ups an downs. I'll write an article about the Gangs of Necromunda in the future


  1. What a coincidence, a bunch of my friends are I are starting up Necromunda. I'll be sure to stay tuned for some gang articles and point my playgroup to them.

  2. very cool. i look forward to these articles

  3. It's been years since I played Necromunda. I used to love the fluff of the gang descriptions and the narrative, skirmish-y way that the game played out.

  4. What can I say... sometimes I pull my punches.

    Sometimes I don't.

    In any case, I've been pondering a good excuse to do a relatively hardcore conversion/painting project (yeah, because I need more to paint as it is), and something like Necromunda would be dirty perfect for it.

    Even if I go absolutely crazy, I'd be hard pressed to hit triple digits in terms of cost, and when it's only 10 guys it's a lot easier to convince myself to put in the extra effort with each.

    I'm going to have to take a look at those rules tomorrow (after I may or may not have to go into work... you'd think they'd tell me these things...) and see what Gang sounds fun, and what model base is going to serve me best.

  5. Man, you put up something on Necromunda and we gain 4-5 followers in a day. :)

  6. Necromunda hmmmm not a very catchy name by any standards of the word in my opinion. However, I've looked into it and laughed at how awesomely funny and relaxed it would be to play the game.

    I feel like many people that play 40k don't take the time to notice that their are so many other options out there other than the table top game. For example Dark Heresy and space hulk.

    Lets face it, none of us play 40k because we love spending the money, none of us play because we like sniffing the glue fumes, we play for the fact that we enjoy the lure and the story behind the models. They way the models interact with other models, the special abilities and attacks. I think this article is great it brings a new light to the 40k community that for so long has been dormant.

    I propose that we try to get a dark heresy campaign going in indy or something sometime? anyone?

    p.s. sandwyrm check your e-mail I sent you one about a tyranid list and would love a response.

  7. Uhm, I like sniffing the glue, doesn't everybody?

    In fact if the paints had more VOCs I think that more of my armies would be painted. As it is I paint only between the glue headaches.

  8. Many of us here on the south side play Necromunda as well. We used to start up a new campaign every year after the Chicago GT. We got burned out on 40k and needed something different.

    Now it's mostly me playing against my wife's Spyrers. I hate those guys.

  9. I would be up for learning Necromunda and playing at the north GP

  10. come on down.

    Wed nights is 40K night. We'll also have a few of us bringing Necromunda gangs.

  11. Great games tonight! thanks for showing me the ropes. Lets get a campaign started!


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