Monday, October 25, 2010

My New 1750 Guard List

by SandWyrm

I hate playing 40K at 1750. 1500 is fine, and so is 1850. But 1750 has always been the level at which I end up with around 50 points that I don't know what to do with. The math just never seems to work out using my usual Vet-based force.

At the same time, my recent encounters with the new Space Wolves and Dark Eldar have convinced me that I need some more long-range anti-tank in my army. As well as more scoring and blocking troops.

So, in coming up with a list for the upcoming G2D4 tourney in 2 weeks, I've decided to... (sigh) take some platoons. Yeah, I know. Heresy!!!

Here it is:

The list is still subject to change, depending on what I get painted in time. But this is what I'm planning on taking to the Nov. 6th tourney: 
195    Company Command Squad w/4 x Plasma, Fleet Officer, Chimera
155    Veteran Squad w/3 x Melta, Chimera
155    Veteran Squad w/3 x Melta, Chimera
125    Platoon Command Squad w/4 x Melta, Chimera
65        Infantry Squad w/Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
65        Infantry Squad w/Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
125    Platoon Command Squad w/4 x Melta, Chimera
65        Infantry Squad w/Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
65        Infantry Squad w/Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
    Fast Attack
130    Vendetta Gunship
130    Vendetta Gunship
145    Hellhound w/Hull Multi-Melta

    Heavy Support
165    Leman Russ Demolisher w/Hull Heavy Flamer
165    Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Hull Lascannon
Total: 1750

It's worked quite well in testing so far. I can reliably pop 4-6 transports per turn (instead of 3-4). More if shooting at Trukks or Raiders. This list tabled the new Dark Eldar last night and a similar list has proved effective versus Spangy's Mech Space Wolves.

Just for kicks, here's a shot of my IG boneyard.

Besides tanks (both finished and in-progress) I've go enough models to make 2 more platoon squads, 2 special weapons squads, another Stormtrooper squad, a squad of Cadian Vets (and more that are still unassembled), 3 finished (but poorly based) lascannons, 5 missile launcher teams (pity they suck), and various other models.

Some day... all this will be painted! Maybe. ;)


  1. I still think the Hydras with this list would work better.

  2. Eh... The infantry work nearly as well, are harder to take out at range, and provide blocking benefits.

    The Hydras are on the back burner for now.

  3. first : good god man, finish painting your army. just shameful…

    at least tell me those 6 models will be done in 2 weeks.

    second : i think you'll have trouble with non-mech armies, but that's kind of the trade you make. i can think of at least 2 and a half armies that will be at the tourney that you might have some trouble with.

    i will say that i like the platoons. i think they give you an excellent blocking force, along with making people work a little harder for those objectives. great bait units for assault armies too, which is always a good thing.

  4. Could you elaborate a little bit on how you use your Hellhound, given that it appears to be tooled as a dual purpose vehicle?

    I'm curious about the MM. Is it just to provide fast AT fire on a cheap chassis? It would seem like with a BS of 3, that a template weapon might strengthen the anti-infantry role. I know that paints you into a corner with the HH, but I'm intrigued (before I put mine together) by what you've done.


  5. As I looked at your list again, what about a commissar to hold one of your blobs together? In a kill point mission you have at least 17 killpoints up to 19. With just a few things off here and there you could make one blob stubborn. I personally would remove the lascannon off the battle tank. I think the BS3 is a waste on this variant. A Free heavy bolter works just as good when trying to pie plate those infantry squads. 40 Points for 4 melta guns in your platoon squads at BS3? Looks fun.

  6. stubborn won't help. in fact, it could likely hurt. stubborn just increases the chances of locking that assaulting unit in combat during the guard turn. it is probably better to lose the guard unit in order to shoot the offender. it isn't like he needs to hold someone there so a powerhouse assault unit to come help.

    even if it doesn't hit much, the melta just makes the hellhound impossible to ignore, and as such it becomes an awesome bait unit.

    i also question the wisdom of the lascannon on the russ. given the gunships, i don't know that it will give you much extra. but then, what else would you spend the points on?

  7. You're better off taking a Cannoness w/book (while it still lasts) than you are a commissar. Join her to a blob, and she can give a 6" radius that you CAN use or not.

    bad thing is, she's an IC, a commissar isn't.

    On the other hand, a bunch of guardsman isn't horrible vs. a lot of troops. they're not GOOD, and rely on weight of attacks.

    I like my blobs.

  8. @Steve

    Actually it's 9 models, plus some re-basings, plus 3 more Stormtroopers if I want all my BS4 Vet troops to be visually distinct from my platoon troops. I'd also like to put some terrain on that carry-board so I can compete for the painting prize this time.

    As for the platoons, it's all about how you deploy them. I expect to do better against Hoardes now, not worse.


    The Hellhound is a joker. It gets up in the enemy's face and frustrates them by blocking their movement, threatening things they hold dear, and by taking 2+ turns for most troops to kill in assault, due to it's moving fast.

    The Multi-Melta is there not because it kills things especially well, but because it *could* kill something my opponent cares about. Which forces interesting decisions during a game.


    There are IG lists for which Commissars need to be put into line squads. This isn't one of them. I want my squads to break and run when assaulted.

    I'm also not sure why you like Heavy Bolters on Russes. On average, it'll kill 2-3 coverless orks over 2-3 turns. Whereas a Heavy Flamer will kill 5-8 (in cover or not) once they get to you. While lascannons make a Russ somewhat decent at anti-transport work.

  9. unpainted models. . . fix them, now ^_^

  10. Yes!! More infantry to slaughter!!! I mean.... oops.

    What ever you decide on, I'm sure you'll make it a good fight. And also completely outshine me in painting yet again. haha


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