Monday, October 4, 2010

Upcoming Tourney at Saltire

by SandWyrm

Looks like Saltire Games (East Indianapolis) is having a 40K tourney soon. Here's the info that was sent to me today.

Saltire Hobby Tournament - 2010.10.17

Postby inoci » Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:20 pm
i'll be running a small tournament sunday the 17th this month at saltire (

1500 points, starting at 12.30 and going until about 18.

90 minute rounds, normal armies and missions.

there will be 3 concurrent competitions : sportsmanship, appearance, and generalship.

army appearance 25% (12% first, 8% second, 5% third)
generalship 25% (12% first, 8% second, 5% third)
sportsmanship 30% (15% first, 10% second, 5% third)
20% will go to the house/to bump up the prizes to even dollars when needed.

no overall score, but you CAN place in multiple categories.

we're looking for 10-14 players, with the entry fee being $5-10 depending on how many players show up. i'll post the final info and cost by the 13th.
i can be contacted to reserve a spot at

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