Thursday, October 14, 2010

Upcoming Rogue Trader Tourneys in Fort Wayne

by SandWyrm

   This is Eric Bemus from the 'Ard Boyz up in Kendalville.  I just wanted to pass along the word that there are a couple RTTs up here in Fort Wayne, and thought you could pass the word along to the gamers in your area.  

The dates are November 14th Fantasy 2250 and November 21st 40K 1850.  The location is: Top Shelf Games 6742 East State Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN

If you want to get a hold of the organizer, his name is Drew (260) 749-6669.

I was also hoping you could pass the info on to any Fantasy players you may know.


SandWyrm's Reply:

Consider it passed!


  1. Maybe the TH/SS Shrike guy will be there!!!! No thanks!

  2. Hey Spaguatyrine, did you get my invite for Sat?

  3. Check your email or spam bucket. I wanted to get a game in on Sat.


out dang bot!

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