Friday, October 29, 2010

Count Me In!

by SandWyrm

As some of you may know, Adepticon's registration website for 2011 went live this week. I've already bought my ticket to the 'con and the 40K championships. So I've been considering what else I want to do while I'm there.

With Adepticon 5 months away, and the amount of work I need to do on my IG being fairly small, I've been considering entering some dedicated painting contests like the Golden Daemon Awards. Adepticon has the Rogue Daemon contest, so I was considering working on something for that.

Then the following news went up on the Adepticon site today:
CoolMiniOrNot announced today the Crystal Brush awards, which will be a painting competition held at AdeptiCon 2011 in Chicago from April 1st to 3rd, 2011.
The Crystal Brush awards are a showcase for the best in miniature painting, primarily focused on fictional settings. As a competition meant to celebrate the hobby, figures from any manufacturer are welcome.

Huge Cash Prize
Chief highlight was the news that the top scoring miniature would receive $10,000 USD, an unheard-of sum for miniatures. 2nd and 3rd prizes were also guaranteed at $2,000 USD and $1,000 USD respectively.
$10K, 2K, and 1K prizes?

I'M IN!!!

Now what to paint...


  1. With a heavy part of the points coming from popular vote take a note from Brandon Marshall's CSM of last year, and consider humor, display, striking or cool things, and presentation. Mark my words - the most technically skilled paint job won't be what wins.

    Make sure we touch base at AdeptiCon! Would love to say hey.

  2. Oh, I have something in mind that's never been seen before. The question is how well I can pull it off. :)


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