Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Dark Eldar and... WHAT THE...?

by SandWyrm

Well now, this is interesting! Seems the Dark Eldar will be getting a "2nd Wave" of releases just 2 weeks after the first release.
So now we get Mandrakes, Hellions, Ravagers, and a (new?) Character. Cool.

But something else caught my eye. There was a side-ad for a Sisters of Battle squad (pic above) that listed the price as only $17.25. What! Wow!

Until I clicked on it and found that the $17.25 only buys you THREE troop models. WHAT!!!

In fact, it looks like the entire Sisters of Battle line has gotten a beefy price hike lately. The squad box is gone, and you can only buy the pack of 3 or singles of other models.

I wonder what we can auger from this development. Is the metal line being phased out? Are there new models coming soon enough that they want to reduce demand (so they don't have to do another metal batch)? Does this mean that a new Codex is coming soon? Never?

Or is GW just being greedy?




    I dunno. this is another WTF!1!!eleventy-one

    I would GUESS it has something to do with a rumored codex release this January.

    I'm interested if the GK's got a price jump.

    for now GW's greedy, and a bit lazy with their competitive system.

    but I'll save the 'why should I continue to play my old codex when the newer Space Marines can do the same list, but better?' rant for another post.

  2. Knowing my luck, the answer in order of likely hood will be: phased out because a new codex is never coming, GW being greedy, anything else not listed, then lastly phased out for new plastics and codex in the works. ^.~

    I'm hoping other people are lucky enough to counter mine. Having seen the new plastics GW is producing, I can easily see Grey Knights and Sisters in plastic now. Just a few years ago, I don't think plastic could have done them justice.

  3. I find the image of the sisters of battle to be very nice but the models leave a lot to be desired. So if they can get the same treatment as DE I will have to think about painting some of them for the heck of it. Just that both DE and sisters have black armor… Wait a minute, are there a connection?:)

  4. I noticed this price discretion a while ago and asked a GW monkey at HQ about it. He told me that the sisters codex was on the way as he had seen the artwork being produced in the studio.

    He couldnt tell me about models though, so it could be the codex could be just starting the two year cycle.

    Personally, Im trying my best to pick up bargins on ebay because I love the original sisters models. I want to keep a little piece of history before it all goes plastic.


  5. I was extremely frustrated when I found out about that the box set had disappeared. Was shortly after I bought my first... had to get the second squad of sisters by using the blisters.

    The GW Manager didn't even have the decency to tell me the box was being phased out when I got my first one.

    Similiar thing happened with the AoBR box set price rise. Dropped by the GW store to get some supplies and asked if the rumours were true. The GW monkey said he knew nothing about it. When I looked on the GW website the following week the price had gone up by 50 AUD... no more shopping at local GW.

    Finished venting my spleen without swearing :)


  6. box sets of SoBs haven't been sold in Britain for over a year now. Ebay is our only option.

    GK's have been pushed back to March sorry guys, and there is no word on SoB any time soon. just more crappy Skaven in Jan now :(

  7. How long did we wait for the daemons second wave? I couldn't purchase a daemon prince model in my local GW -- they were sold out when I went to get one! And dark eldar gets their next wave immediately?

    Am very very jealous of you Dark Eldar players out there! And am also feeling the pain of the SoB players as well.

  8. Shrug, DE getting the second wave right away is just GW getting a jump start on ignoring them for the next 12 years.

  9. I think it comes in large part because it's such a massive overhaul - literally *everything* gets a new model. Plus some new choices to boot.

    It's not "oh, the troops stay put" or even get a new sprue thrown in. It's scrap and rebuild.

    Combined with not having been able to buy DE in stores for years, if GW wants the army to sell at all (beyond warriors and wyches) they *have* to release most things soon. Otherwise interest will die off completely before they get everything out, and it just goes down from there.


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