Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Fine Looking Battle

by SandWyrm

It's been some 12 years since I first started my Tallarn Guard army in the Spring of 1998. But I can now say proudly that my 2K Mech Guard list is finally completely painted. Whew! Those last few Stormtrooper models were a real pain.

To celebrate, I took them down to the North Store hoping to finally get a game in with JB from Kokomo, who has the best looking Ork army I've ever seen. I lucked out, as he was there and anxious to play me. We set up the best looking table we could with the store's terrain and went at it. Fortunately I brought the good camera to take pics with.

As a battle it was close, but kind of mediocre (except for him killing his own Death Dred by mistake). But it sure did look good, as these pics will attest.


Our Setup. It's Annihilation with a Spearhead deployment.

Mine close up. The Stormies you see are actually Grenadier Vets.

His close up.

Man those Orks are pointy!

That's the meanest looking Looted Wagon I've ever seen!

Battlewagon and 2 Trukks.

Every one of his conversions is different.

 His is the only army that makes mine look bad. :)

Love these things.

Scout Moves. I've got first turn.

Here they come! If you look closely, one of them is riding a Segway.

 End of turn 1. Not much happened. Slight damage to lots of stuff.

 My Hellhound squadron will be blocking you in now. :)

He creeps around the corner. One of my reserve Chimeras comes in and fries his Dethkoptas.

End of turn 2.

Can you believe that I started with 20 more infantry than him? :)
 Why no, you can't just charge my Chimera.

 He's REALLY not liking those Hellhounds right now. They're insta-killing his bikers on a 3+.

Wazdakka jumps his bike and kills a Vendetta.

Bye-bye screening troops. Hello Heavy Flamers!

Wazzi tries to hide.

 End of Turn 3. Notice how many Orks there are.

And how many there now aren't. Wish my other reserve Chimera had come on.

Wazzi eats lascannons and the last 2 guys in his squad run off the table.

Some Kans die to melta fire. 

It's an Ork garbage Trukk!

 Rawr!!! The Deff Dred kills a Hellhound... with missiles!

  So I take off the one in front and dare him to cross the wreck. The other hound backs up and toasts the last few bikers.

My other reserve Chimera finally comes on to help out. More Orks die.

 End of turn 4.

The Looted Wagon scatters it's Ordinance shot right onto the Deff Dred, killing it. Haha!

 Not much left. The store's closing. So we have to call it at the end of turn 5.

End of turn 5. The IG win 9KP to 8KP.


  1. Wow, A great game, very close. Excellent painting all around! Makes me feel small and sad with my primed and occasional spot of base color. Love the cotton flames, I really need to learn how to make some.

  2. The red Orks did not go fasta enuff!

  3. This is quite possibly the coolest battle report I've seen yet.

    Plenty of mindcandy - both armies are incredible.

    Thanks for that, man - great stuff.


  4. @TGM

    The flames are a GF9 product. They sell it at the north store next to the Malifaux minis.

  5. Agree with all comments- really top notch looking setup you had going there!

  6. Man that ork list is sweet , i love the bin lorry and the crazy bikes , something to aspire to for sure.

    The sheer inventiveness is praiseworthy.

    Grats on the 200 btw , hope one day my blog will have anywhere near as many ;o)

  7. Two of the most beautiful armies around.... nice work and great batrep.

  8. Great looking battle. It's nice to see the army finally finished.

    Does JB not make it down for any of the tournaments in town? I'd love to see that army up close.

  9. Congrats on finishing 2k, beautiful job! Having it done must feel great. I hope we can see some shots of individual figs soon *coff*

    That Ork bin truck made my day! The mix of humour and skill in that army is so awesome.

  10. @Wienas

    I've never seen JB at a local event. We need to get him down here for one.

  11. name the tournament and i would be glad to come...just know i have my boys every other week. :)

  12. although i might add his report is a bit biased....i do recall blowing up a few things here and

  13. Heh, including your own Deth Dread. ;)

    It was a close game. I just didn't announce every Russ, Chimera, and Squad that you killed, as it was more of a photo-essay than a real battle report. I didn't even post our lists.


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