Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Big Cats Are On Their Way...

by SandWyrm

Thanks to my recent eBay sales, I'm now officially starting up my German army collection for Flames of War with the 5-Tiger box set. Rawr!

Farmpunk and I have proxied a few battles with 3 Tigers vs. a whole slew of American armor, but now we can do it properly (with battle reports) using the actual models. It's a brain-dead army, sure. But it's dirt cheap ($60 from the War Store) and will let me learn the game without blowing a couple of hundred bucks on models that I don't know how to play yet. The more diverse force of medium and light armor will come later.

And yes, you can do a 1500 point army with just 4 Tiger models. :)


  1. I'd recommend running the confident vet Schwere Tiger list from Fortress Europe and not the fearless vet SS version with Wittman.

    8 Tigers at 1750, which is the standard value where I play.
    A big platoon of 4 tigers with the 1ic and 2ic attached is much fun, and can actually crush in assault.
    The other two Tigers snipe.
    Fun list.

  2. I'm using the North Africa book right now. Farmpunk got the Blood And Steel (or whatever it's called) book. We'll muddle through while we learn. :)


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