Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Indy Open! Sign up now!

by: farmpunk

There's another deadline approaching for getting into The Indy Open! On Jan 7th, Pre-registration pricing is over! It's time to get registered for the low price of $40. The date of March 3-4th isn't too far out!

It's kind of a crazy price to get into a 64-man GT.

so What is this Indy Open GT I've been talking about?

well, a couple of years ago. I started talking some stuff over with a few other bloggers about Tourneys. At that time, it was mostly about how I think composition scoring is unnecessary for a tournament, and how it's essentially a 'game' placed upon the game of 40K for purposes of a tourney.

Mike Brandt and I talked back and forth, and I started formulating the dream of doing a GT. You see, there aren't a lot of big tourneys here in the midwest. (aside from Adepticon, which I didn't get tickets for this year). In Indy, it's not uncommon for us to have 32-man tourneys, with a few more people on the waitlist. Several of us started talking, and thought there was no reason for there to be no major GT close to us.

I didn't get the GT together last year. I had wanted it to be in summer of 2011, but I got busy, and dropped the ball.
When Spaguatyrine, SandWyrm, and I went to NOVA, we all got inspired to resume this undertaking. Spag took the helm this time. (He's much better at making sure things steam ahead than I am.)

We're trying to make a GT that We would really want to go to. One much like what I had talked over with Mike. (which means much like the NOVA Open, hence the Indy Open)

so what is the Open format? Separate scores for Paint, and Gaming. Award prizes for BOTH of those categories. We like to see beautiful armies, and great gaming. Then, do a combined score to find the Renaissance man, The all-around hobbyist. No Composition scoring, and missions that are as balanced as can be for all types of armies.
We want everyone to be able to bring the army they want, and still feel like they've got a good shot if they play their force well.

We are confident that we can have a friendly, fun, and competitive event (both gaming, and artistically). I'd love to meet as many of you regular readers as possible too!

We're starting small, 64-man should be something we can manage for our first outing. Next year, we can make the Indy Open bigger, and perhaps involve other game systems.

So hurry! and sign up while the $40 pre-registration fee still lasts!


  1. I am getting excited about this event. I wish I could play but running it is better. Sign up today via the website or email one of us to get signed up.

  2. I don't think I'm going to play. I'm don't think I can get my Tau to 2000 points on time. I would like to help out as a judge or as event support if at all possible.

  3. Call me or email me direct. Thanks


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