Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tallarn Army Price Reduction

by SandWyrm

27 Watchers but no bidders eh? Well... Let's see what happens at this new price.


  1. break a leg on that one sandy. :) still trying to sell mine. down to 1k for my entire army now. lol

  2. Wow. I thought that the initial price was pretty fair considering the work that went into it, at the lower price it's a steal.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it though, most of the action tends to come in the last few minutes.

  3. The Price does not do the army justice.

    However I am interested in it. I have loved the paint scheme and the converted chimera's since I started to follow this blog.

  4. @sonoftaurus Unfortunately the amount of work put into an army doesn't scale with what you can resell it for

    When I saw your first price, although it is a gorgeous army, I couldn't see it ever getting a bid. This price stands a chance though of getting someone interested. Remember, just to think about more accurate statistics: a lot of your auction watchers are likely people in the community/the ones that read your blog, that are purely interested in cheering you on and seeing how it does, not in buying it.

    GL on the sale, it's a wonderful army and I hope it finds a nice home!

  5. While I admire your army, the price is pretty high (just IMHO), when you can find armies that are just as viable that run far less, for example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Warhammer-40K-Space-Marines-Spear-Sicarius-/160697465429?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item256a50ba55 This is a well-painted good sized force at half of what you're asking (Sure its SM, but it's army quality/size point). Note they don't have any bids, either.

  6. Uhhh....

    That's the Spear of Sicarius. It's GW's holiday set from a few years back.

    Those are the GW-stock pictures of the 'Eavy Metal official display minis. The ones whose pictures are in the Codex.

    They're not the actual models for sale.

  7. Well, I have always loved this army and when I saw you at Adpeticon I hope I didn't drool too much. I just put in a bid. I would love to have this army. The only reason i didn't paint my IG the same exact colors was because the paint isn't made any more! But this is close enough!

    Alec Peters


  8. @Da Warboss

    Yeah, if you read the description, he's only selling unassembled sprues from an OOP box set. Not painted models.

  9. @Alec

    Thank you very much!!!

    I was starting to fear I'd have to sell the army off in pieces. :(

  10. I'll tell you from experience that selling a high ticket item is a tough thing, no matter what channels you use. I personally think Ebay is seriously limited in the ability to get it sold at the price you want. As a rule, Ebay is good for mid-level items or things that are tougher to come by (but not custom items). A lot of people use it because it's easier than most other options.

    Maybe CMON, coolstuff, and a few well placed emails might help get the word out...

  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endowment_effect

  12. Oh I really love this army. I even got Tom McBride (Blood and Skulls Industries) to cast a set-back Chimera that he scratchbuilt for me so I could have 12. And then I painted my army in similar colors. So this is like my inspiration!



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