Friday, December 9, 2011

Trying to stay away from Psyflemen Dreads...but...can't.....

By Spaguatyrine

Psyfleman Dreadnought, Front

As I continue to work on my Grey Knights I have tried to stay away from the awesome sauce that is psyflemen dreads.  But!!!!.......I....just.....can't.....

I just can't seem to not put them into my list building calculations.  I have been told I write great lists, and feel I can be competitive with almost anything (Except tyranids!), but the pro's so outweigh the con's when thinking of grey knights. 

File:Long Fangs.jpg

The psyflemen dread fills a similar role to my longfangs in my space wolves list.  Long range strength firepower. What I give up in being able to target multiple units I gain with guaranteed damage results against light armored vehicles.  You are almost guaranteed a damage result with 4 twin linked strength 8 autocannon shots.  If you spend the extra 60 points to make him a venerable dread this becomes even better with hitting on 2's. 


With the fortitude psychic power removing stuns and shaken results, psyflemen dreads become even a greater choice as they will not be stun-locked 75% of the time.  I will say that the Fortitude psychic power from the grey knights is the most overpowered thing in the codex!

Let's also throw in that the venerable dread is harder to kill than a regular dread. With the re-rollable damage result on the vehicle damage table which is already caters to vehicles anyways, ven dreads + fortitude = tough cookies.

Aegis Security
You also add in Reinforced Aegis with applies a -4 leadership to any psychic test that targets the Dreadnought it self or a unit with Aegis within 12". This is stupidly awesome!  And if you combine this with paladins, terminators, etc, it takes out devastating psychic powers against these units!!  WOW! -4 Jaws of the world wolf!

All this being said, as I build and play with different styles of grey knights from Coteaz and Libby, to Libby and  Draigo wing, to Crowe and Libby, etc I just can't keep myself from not putting them in the list.  I really like the multi melta DCCW at 115 points, but unless I take a storm raven I don't feel he is worth it. 

What are your thoughts? Are you sick of seeing the Psyflemen Dread on every other table?


  1. Lol love that conversion, just to see over Rhinos yeah xD?

  2. Given that they are really "just better" than the vanilla Marine equivalent, REALLY hard to argue against taking them... And since that's about it for your truly long range AT firepower... I have to admit I like to take the TLAC/AC for armament sometimes just for the few extra shots and potential rends, but the safer (and likely better) option is the TLACs all around... So, other than the "everyone takes them" argument... :-) If "everyone" takes them, probably a good reason though..

  3. @Killswitch

    That "it's for height advantage" schtick always pushes a button with me.

    Put a stock dreadnought, on the scenic base it comes with, and add in forgeworld autocannon arms, and guess what, IT SEES OVER A FRICKIN RHINO.

    This is of course part of my own frustration of having people jump to conclusions when I did scenic bases and converted arms, and rather than commenting on the work or coolness of the conversion, the first words out of their mouth are usually "ugh, you're modelling for advantage so you can see over rhinos".



  4. Undercosted unit that's so badly designed that one single config just jumps out at anyone and everyone that has ever looked at trying to include a GK dread. Add to that an environment where every single even reasonably viable list absolutely has to include a large amount of anti-tank/anti-vehicle, and there's the source of the ubiquitousness.

    GK - the Mary Sue of 40K.

  5. I was being sarcastic lol I totally understand, mine are on scenic bases and I get the same issues :)

  6. As a Vanilla Marine player, I don't give a shit about Psyflemen Dreads. Wanna know why?

    a)I have cheap Multi-meltas and they don't.
    b)I have Preds and they don't.
    c)I don't have to take Henchmen for meltaguns.

    So, w/e.

  7. I agree with Gx1080
    Also, I've only really faced against Draigo wing and purifiers.
    My game against Spag's Gk way back when they were first new was my only real fight against GK tanks. I have yet to be really impressed with GK honestly.

  8. I think they'll be popular until the meta changes with sixth. As the rules for psychic powers and psychic tests change, we may see fortitude take a hit that puts it at a realistic point level.

    Until then, there's simply no better option for the price. :)

  9. Razorbacks with psy-assault cannons? The other filthy spamtastic GK shooty unit but at least it's not as broken as a vendread with psybolt autocannons!

  10. I think what is already a powerful SM unit, becomes godlike with S8 (insta kills), and having a stunlock immunity.

  11. It's pretty clearly better than the SM/SW/BA versions, because of S8, Fortitude but also for the FoC slot and the fact that it brings something the army has NONE of without it (long-range shooting.)

    But that doesn't make it broken, or GK overpowered. Every army has some things that other armies just have to deal with; for GK, it's Psyflemen. BA gets Priests, SW gets Long Fangs, SM get Hammernators, etc.

    And yes, regular Dreadnoughts with... basically any kind of shooting arms can see right over Rhinos pretty easily, no conversion needed. Folks need to quit bitchin'.

  12. I agree with most here.

    Except GX1080. Multi-melta's very seldom get that close, and yes it sounds like you are *&^%hurt over them. I played 3 of them in a tournament yesterday and they owned my three opponents. AV13, no problem!

  13. Me?, butthurt? Heh.

    "Multi-melta's very seldom get that close..."

    Speeders, Attack Bikes and plain vehicle walls say hi. Trust me, I can get very close if I want to.


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