Friday, December 9, 2011

Working Up An Afrikakorps List

by SandWyrm

That Free North Africa Tiger List that MCT posted a link to yesterday is just about perfect for what I want to do. So I've been working on formulating a 2000 point army around it.

Here's what I've come up with:
    Company HQ
395    1iC : 1 Tiger 1E
110    2iC : 1 Panzer IIIN

    Combat Platoon 1
495    1 Tiger 1E and 1 Panzer IIIN

    Combat Platoon 1
495    1 Tiger 1E and 1 Panzer IIIN

    Rocket Launcher Battery
220    6 15cm NW41 (2 Sections so I can split my fire)

    Light Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon (Trucks w/AA Guns)
95    3 Sd Kfs 10/5 (2cm)

    Afrika Shützen Platoon (Machine Gun Squads In Trucks)
190    3 Schützen Sections

Total: 2000 Points
So that gives me 2 command tanks (because you don't want to lose all your HQs in this game), and 2 platoons that can be rearranged before the battle into a unit of 2 PzIIIs and a unit of 2 Tigers. It's also got anti-aircraft support, some infantry, and a couple of sections of rocket launchers for both killing enemy infantry and laying down smoke.

I can also swap out the 2iC for some towed PaK38's so that the Infantry platoon can pop any tanks that wander too close.

It seems solid to me, but I'm a newb so tear it apart please. :)

I've got an order in to the Plastic Soldier Company for the Panzer III's. Which I'll need no matter what. I'm waiting on the rest until my eBay sales finish up this weekend.

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