Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Tallarns Are Now For Sale!

by SandWyrm

The auction is now live! Here's the link:

Remember: There can be only one!!!


  1. Credit card says yes, wife says no.

  2. So you're selling off all of your armies one by one, or what?

    That's kinda sad :(

  3. @2501

    Well, aside from a couple of games of Kings of War, the Dwarves hadn't done anything but sit on my shelf since '02. So no big loss there. I'm really happy with how much I was able to get for them.

    As for the Tallarns, I've simply gotten bored with painting and playing the army. It's done and I want to move on. The extra cash wouldn't hurt either. There's some computer gear I want that won't pay for itself. Such as a new Wacom Cintiq for doing digital illustration. Want a 40K web comic? Buy my army! :)

  4. I'm always sad to see people sell off their armies but I understand. Gotta tell you I almost hit buy, but then I saw the price! Good luck on that!

  5. @Tim

    We'll see. The replacement cost for the minis alone is north of 1700. Throw in a REALLY nice paint job, theme, competitiveness and... well I think the starting bid is quite reasonable.

  6. Way out of my price range but it is a super nice army and you have got someone to bid on it.


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