Monday, December 12, 2011

Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

by SandWyrm

Still waiting on that Necron FAQ.

It's pretty bad when interested customers are afraid of purchasing your wares during the prime holiday selling season because they don't know if you're going to screw them over when you finally patch the holes in your sloppily written rules.

On the brighter side, Chambers told me about some nice Admech-ish miniatures that Micro Art Studios are selling right now under their "Iron Brotherhood" line.

Here's some pics:


  1. i have been thinking about getting some of those for a long time now. they really capture the look and feel on the Ad-Mech. i do hate the stalk tank though i'm afraid.

  2. Hey, it's not like it is the tyranid FAQ, which was needed after the first week, for so many things, had to wait well over half a year, only for it to not answer half of the questions, and screw over the things that worked.

  3. If you're actually thinking of working an AdMech army, might check this out:

  4. @Lantz

    Cool! But I want something I can take to tourneys. :)

  5. I imagine they'll wait for a few more months to establish what's still selling, and FAQ the Codex in response to that. Or maybe to generate sales of second wave kits, if they're still doing that...

    I've still ended up with some Necrons, but I'm not rushing out and spending loadsamoney on them just yet.

  6. @SandWyrm
    I hear ya'. Either way, thanks for checking it out!

  7. As a side note I have picked up couple blisters of the Iron Brother hood, the detail is good up close however the flash can be a bit much.

    I have both the IB models and Chaos renegades from forge world sitting in my bitz box right now. I will say that the IB models hold up very nicely in comparison to the forge world pieces. Not as much detail but what is there is nicely done.

    @ Sandy if you are interested in writing up a comparison or doing a more in-depth review of the model line. I would be happy to send a couple over your way.

  8. And you will be waiting another 3 to 4 months for a FAQ.

  9. The price on those is outrageous... I mean, yeah they look great, but $55 for a squad of 10? $29 for a squad of plastic cadians, even the kasrkin models which I think look awesome are $41... those are listed prices, I always buy them at a discount, at best 40%? say, $20 for Cadians, $25 for kasrkin... that's a huge markup just for a theme!

    All this considered, I am sure yours would look fantastic done up and painted! I just cringe at the $$s

  10. What are you really worried about with an FAQ?

    It's pretty obvious that the death ray won't affect all the models in a unit if you only clip one.
    The scarabs will all spawn at once so you can't conga-line them out across the board. I dunno what else there is that's even being debated.


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