Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sandwyrm back in the saddle again!

By Spaguatyrine

December 3rd, 2011 was the day Sandwyrm got back in the saddle and joined Scottydont in a team tournament in The Sage's Shoppe in Lafayette Indiana.  .......................................................

Dodger3 and I, Sandwyrm and Scottydont went up to help support The Sage's Shoppe in a team tournament this past Saturday.  It was good to see Sandwyrm again bringing out his wonderfully painted army to go with Scottydont's wonderfully painted army. We didn't vote for best army as they would have won hands down compared to the rest of us. 

There were only 5 teams which was a bummer, but the competition was good.  There are some up and coming players there and I look forward to facing them again.  There was a team of space wolves and grey knights which, black templars and guard, guard and vulkan style bike marines, Vulkan drop pod and guard (Sandwyrm and Scotty), and our team of Guard and Space Wolves.   The tournament ended up with the guard and templar player getting third thanks to the space wolves helping him in the third game and a bye, Scottydont and Sandwyrm getting second, and Dodger3 and I taking first.  I can say team tournaments are fun but I enjoy playing my full list better.


That being said it is fun from time to time to play team tournaments to break up the tournament scene. That being said I did register for The Nova Open and need to get some serious play testing to make a decision on Space Wolves, Grey Knights, or Dark Eldar for the tournament. In addition, if I go to Adepticon (17th on the waiting list) I will have to be ready as well.  Don't forget to register for The Indy Open GT as spot are filling up.


  1. It is good to see you guys getting in games. I couldn't get off work to even think about going up there. I'll probably not even get a game in the next few weeks because of school.

  2. Sage's Shoppe is a good place, and their new location is pretty spectacular even compared to the spot they were at a few weeks ago. They have at least as much table space as G2D4, far more than any of the GPs, and there's like four fast food places practically in their parking lot.

    The turnout for their last tournament was better, and that was with two other tournaments on the exact same day. I think the team structure and requirements is what resulted in such a low turnout for this one.

  3. ???

    I've been playing games. Including the HFI tourney at the end of last October and a couple of North Store games since.

    I just haven't had the time or inclination to blog about it for a while.

  4. Any chance of a post about your deldar list and/or a batrep with it. Curious to see the direction you went, your lists are often off the beaten path.

  5. Funny I have been blogging but not playing...
    well at least I have submitted several to FarmPunky. Any way I am still waiting on the Admech rhino conversion SW.

  6. @Chambers

    I'm still waiting on the Rhino, the bits, and any hint that you might actually want to pay for it. :P

  7. Don't suppose that my good looks and wining personality will get me far?

    How about if I throw in Farmpunk to sweeten the deal then?

  8. Farmpunk would make a horrible basis for a Rhino conversion. And it's not like I can use him as a painting slave. At least not if I don't want my army to smell like coffee grounds. ;)

  9. Oh, and did I mention that Spags brought 5 Thunderwolves to the table at 1000 points? :P

  10. As opposed to the 4 he brought at 500 points?

  11. Actually it was only 4. I could have had 8!


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