Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spaguatyrine's Nova Open interview with the 11th company

By Spaguatyrine

I received a request for a phone interview from the 11th company after my performance at the Nova Open Invitational and Nova Open GT, as well as my performance at Ard Boys.  Below you will find the link to the phone interview that discusses........

My Style of Space Wolves which I feel is different than most other players, how my list was built , the use of Space Wolves vs Grey Knights, and Njal as an overall HQ choice.

New segment called Ralph this week which discussion how to beat Grey Knights.
  • Short introduction to the episode
  • This Week in Gaming (5:18) - Games this week, little narrative talk, James Ayles funds, DONATE, etc.
  • Pat's Corner (43:55) - Aaron Aleong Space Wolves, Da Boyz GT Comp
  • Community (1:32:47) - Bugeat GT Recap, Da Boyz GT, Feast of Blades
  • 40K Misc (1:39:26) - 11th Company Narrative Event
  • Ralph (2:16:54) - Mini-series on fighting against Grey Knights

The time in ( ) is where my interview took place.  (You have to click on the episode 90 and wait for it to load to listen to the interviews)  I hope you enjoy the interview from Pat Higgs.  The 11th company provided the live feed at the Nova Open and is a GREAT resource for the 40k universe.  Thanks Pat!!


  1. Great interview, provided valuable insight.

  2. @Edge, thanks man!

    @Pat thank you for your time! Have you checked out the information on the Indy Open?


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