Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Stormraven conversion part 2

By TheGraveMind

 My Stormraven is complete! Well, as finished as it is going to get. To fit my theme of the chapter Plasma Drakes, I'm calling it the Night Fury pattern storm raven. The wings of a B2 stealth bomber, and my obsession with plasma weapons I think justifies it. It has been a long time coming, with many months of effort, and a couple tubes of super glue it seems.

At request, I found some of my designs that I had scribble out. Do note they are nothing amazing, but simply ideas for me to choice between.

For those wondering, the top left designs are what I went with. I liked the idea of a transport gunship, with more vertical motion than forward. Fast forward to my finished project.

So there is a place for the dreadnought in the back, and he'll actually fit there (though it doesn't balance well), and I even have harnesses and control panels on the inside. I have magnetized weapon points along the bottom of the craft, near the front and along the sides. The Leman russ sponsors are also magnetized for multi-meltas, plasma cannons, heavy bolters, and lascannons. Though I only have one lascannon for the sponsor, so I'll need a second to finish my set. I have two more iron clad hunter killer missiles for the top that are being sent to me, and then I just need to figure out how I want to touch up the engine area in the back. But for now, it is finished, and ready for the game table.
I'd say not that bad of a gunship. I think it looks closer to the actual model than some of the conversions out there, so I think I'd be happy to field this next to the actual model when it finally comes out.


  1. not to bad. That looks really close. Good job, and great converting.

  2. The lights on the third picture make me think like a gorilla is going to eat me.

  3. Pretty swish...a full on tutorial wouldn't go amiss... :P

    I would genuinely replicate this.


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