Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why I Love This Blog

by SandWyrm

You know, I'm consistently amazed at how civil and thoughtful everyone's comments are on this blog. Where else do you get such well thought out replies? Especially this last week. I'm really impressed!

Congrats everyone! And THANK YOU!!!


  1. we could start a snowmobiling event just for you =p

    I think it has everything to do with intent (building/helping the 40K community) that you get such fabulous readership and responses.

    Congrats to you for such a good blog.

  2. You all are making me blush!!!!! Great job all!

  3. agreed. this is the site that first got me into reading blogs, and it is the only one i have read consistantly for the last few years. keep up the good work.

  4. A lot of what makes our blog work has to do with respect. I like to make it a point to be pleasant with people, and even-handed (which is sometimes difficult).

    I LOVE that we get some rousing discussions here. I check my e-mail frequently to see who's said what, and even though I don't comment back on everything, I take note.

    I'm glad you all like what we do.


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