Thursday, December 2, 2010

Upcoming Tournament: Feb 12th.

by TheGravemind 

The information for the February 12th Tournament was emailed in. Call me lazy, I just copy pasted most of it see as it's after midnight and I'm busy on finals. As you may have noticed, Tournament ideas have been bouncing around here, and I'll say it's good to have one I think a lot of people can get behind. The Missions are also in, and I'll post them in a day or two after Finals have ran their course. Now for the real info.

Event:  Warhammer 40K Tournament
Where:  The Game Preserve Greenwood
When: February 12, 2011
Points:  1750
Rounds:  4
Time for Rounds:  2 hours
Cost: $15.00
Prize Support:  We will be giving away over $1000 in prize support including $200 in prize support to first place.
Other Events:  Painting Competition for Best Army, Painting Competition for Best Large Model, Painting Competition Best Small Model, Knowledge Quiz
Tentative Schedule for Events:
Check In / Registration Opens
40k Knowledge Quiz
Registration Closes
Round 1 Begins
Round 1 Ends
Lunch / Judging Army Paintings
Round 2 Begins
Round 2 Ends
Round 3 Begins
Round 3 Ends
Dinner / Judging Single Paintings
Round 4 Begins
Round 4 Ends

**Players may enter all 3 painting contests but may only win 1 painting prize.  In addition no model may be entered in more than 1 event.


1)    Game Rounds
a.    Each round will last for 2 hours or 6 turns whichever comes first.
b.    The judges will announce when there are 30 minutes left in the round.  At this time the judges will stop by each table to check on the progress of the game.
c.    The judges will announce when there are 15 minutes left in the round.  The judges will then again evaluate the progress of the game and will talk to the players about starting any additional turns.  This may allow the game to go over but only if at the 15 minute mark the judge feels the game is progressing and should be allowed to run over for example you’re at the bottom of the turn and the judge feels another game turn could be achieved in a timely manner.
d.    If at any point a player has no models left on the board or held in reserve the game ends at the end of the current players turn.  The tabling player receives the win but only receives credit for the objectives they have completed. 
2)    Rankings / Pairings
a.    Each player will be ranked as follows.
                                          i.    Win / Loss record
                                        ii.    Number of Primary Objectives completed.
                                       iii.    Number of Secondary Objectives completed.
                                       iv.    Composite strength of schedule score of your opponents
1.    This score will be calculated as follows:
a.    [10(number of wins)+5(number of draws)+10(number of primary objectives completed)+5(number of secondary objectives completed)] / number of current round
b.    (10W+5D+10P+5S)/R
2.    After each turn you will add your current opponent’s current strength of schedule score to your composite score.
3.    Each player will have a SOS Score that adds to their opponent’s Composite Score and a Composite Score that adds up the SOS Scores from your opponents.
b.    Final Standings and Awards
                                          i.    If after the final round there is a tie for any ranking all players who share the tie will share the ranking.
                                        ii.    If players share a ranking that is awarded a prize the players will add the prize total for the shared ranking and the prizes for the subsequent places (1 for each other tied player) and share the prizes equally.  For example 2 players tie for first then they will split the prizes for first and second.  The next player in rankings would be ranked in 3rd place not second.
c.    Winning the Round
                                          i.    The player who wins the primary objective wins the round.
                                        ii.    In the case no player won the primary the player who won the secondary will be awarded the win for the round.
                                       iii.    If after the second objective there is not a winner each player will receive a draw and be awarded as if they had each won the secondary objective.  Draws also count as ½ a win for Win Loss record.
3)    What players are required to have
a.    At least (2) printed copies if their army list. (1 for judges and 1 for opponents)
b.    A fully assembled (WYSIWYG) and painted army (Primed Armies are fine but this is the minimum to field an army)
4)    What players are expected to have
a.    Measuring Tape, Dice, Templates, Pen, Pencil, Paper and any other items you may need during the day.
5)    Painting Competition
a.    Judges will be judging the painting contests
6)    40K knowledge quiz
a.    This is optional and can cover anything from the current codecies in use and the rulebook.
b.    This is a closed book quiz.
So there you have it, seems interesting enough. Might be a long day, but looks like it will be well worth it. From my skim of the missions, they are going to be fun. Looks like I'll have some work ahead of me for the next month or so.


  1. This will be an interesting tournament, wish I could play in it.

  2. I see you have a space wolf on the picture!! That is great!

  3. i am soooooo there!!! how do i sign up for it?

  4. Archfiend, why can't you play?

    Uberdark, That actually is a good question, oops, guess I'll have to ask. though it is two months away.

    everyone else, you'll grasping. Simply was the first cool looking picture I found. it has diversity.

  5. I love how much prize support you get in the States. At my last tourney (albeit a small one!) I got a bar of chocolate for third place!

  6. They are hoping for 32. 4 more than we had at G2D4 last month.

    @Sandwyrm, Yes this could be a prediction or an omen from Russ himself.

    You see the Chaos Marine head, Ork head, and Eldar heads on spike? Well those are 3 of the 4 armies I played at the last tournament. The only army trophy missing is the guard army I played, and well I am sure they are in that buring rubble in the background! :) I also have that exact Grey hunter in my army with orange hair and a beard, and Ragnar's Shoulder Pad. LOL!!!!!!!!

  7. That is a little creepy Spaguatyrine, and that might be a Cadain skull+helm further back. Yep, we're being ambitious and aiming for 32, just happens to be more that G2D4, what do ya know ;D

    I'm sure there will be a sign up sheet at the Game preserve, and if need be you can email in to the back40k and we'll relay it if worse comes to worse.

    Third place is admirable admiral, though I hope there was no entry fee for that bar of chocolate. I got a sugar bun once for coming in last, haha.

  8. I am going to help judge the tourney so I can't play.


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