Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Feature: Color Theory Archive

by SandWyrm

If you look just below our banner, you'll see a new perma-link for our Color Theory Archive. The page it leads to has links/descriptions to all of the best posts in that category.

Over time, we'll add other perma-links like Tactics, Battle Reports, Hobby Stuff, etc. Enjoy!


  1. Nice archive! Just letting you know- I can't get to the first link on that page, it just returns a 404 error: page not found.

  2. Ya, I noticed that, and the "Popular posts" near the bottom. I was wondering whats up. Good to have though, I approve!

  3. If anyone is interested, I added tags for the set-back Chimera tutorials that SandWyrm did. Those posts can be found in the topics section on the right.

  4. I was going to try and go through to clean up a lot of the topics in the Quick links, but it's a slow job. There's a lot of stuff over there.

    I want to work on some housecleaning and accessibility before we get a horde of visitors from BoLS

  5. I like the idea of breaking into a tactic section. We could even split that section into seperate armies such as Spacewolves, Guard, etc.


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