Saturday, December 25, 2010

No "Happy Winter Holiday" From Us

by Sandwyrm, Farmpunk, Spaguityrine, and the rest of theBack40K gang

Merry Christmas!

Peace on earth, and goodwill to all men! For our Savior was born this day! 


  1. Does it matter that he probably wasn't born in the winter? Or does that matter when it's all symbolism, anyway? :)

  2. Do they even have snow in Bethlehem?

    Regardless of the history, the medieval politics, and the like, this is the day we celebrate. Call it the tyranny of tradition if you like, but it matters not at all. Only Christ and his message are important.

    Merry Christmas! Good tidings to all!

  3. I don't think it snows in the Holy Land. Religious historians actually think the gregorian calendar is off on Christ's birth by about 30 years or so, and that perhaps the actual date is most likely in March (I think)

    either way,

    Pax Vobiscum!

  4. Praise Emmanuel! (God With Us) I thank my Lord for my family, career, and friends. I thank all of you, my friends, for playing toy soldiers and talking about it with me here. May GOD bless all of you in the coming year.

  5. Ironically the celebration of Christ's birthday predates the pagan celebration of the solstice, a few days off mind you, by several hundred years.

    The best theological evidence has the date of Easter, or the Annunciation, playing a greater role in when we celebrate Christmas than anything else. Well that and the ancient belief of God's life being in a perfect circle.

    I know it is heresy to speak out against the all-knowing tubes of knowledge. But I am going to have the go with the Doctoral Thesis over Google-fu. It also doesn't hurt that my child's God mother is a liturgist, and a well respected one at that.

    At any rate Merry Christmas, or happy late Solostice what ever makes you happy.

  6. Just to make my post clearer, celebrating Christmas on December 25 predates celebrating the Winter Solstice on the December 25. In case any one thought that I was claiming Christianity was older than Paganism or the celebration of the winter solstice.

  7. Merry Christmas back atcha, guys!

  8. Happy Christmas fellas. Loving the Dewey painting. I modelled for one of his paintings. That's one of my little facts that I roll out at time like this.

    Did you choose it deliberately or were you just googling for religous images?

  9. Just googling. It was the most pleasant looking of all the choices. :)

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  11. Realized I was just trolling the trolls :p

    Shame on me. Now I'm off to enjoy the remaining 10 (11) days of Christmas. Yay, Orthodoxy and Epiphany! And especially yay more vacation, more food, and more chillaxing!


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