Friday, December 3, 2010

Sir, There are orks infront of us!

By TheGraveMind

"...and behind us, and to the side. They are everywhere!" Had my first game (couple weeks ago almost) against the infamous Archfiend and his band of Orks. He pulled out a Trukk list for me, we played at 1750. I used the same list as when I faced against Nemesis the day before. We rolled up two objectives on 12" deployment. He won to go first, and deployed up. I fool hardily kept my three jump pack squads in reserves again. Sigh, could have charged 2nd turn if I hadn't. After his first turn, it felt like he had a 36" deployment, he was practically in my face.

[Warning, picture heavy]

On my turn I opened up, dismounting 2/3 of his trucks. First four trukks I shot at were completely destroyed, but my ramshackle roll for each one was a 5+, which is it just wrecks. grrr, no exploding orks.

 So pretty much I took a lot of pictures, but forgot to do a good right up soon after... So I'll mostly let the pictures tell the story.

 My stern guard dropped in, light up a squad leaving just the Nob. They then took fire and ran, and would keep running for the rest of the game. Good thing they can run and shoot, haha.
 My one typhoon would be stun-locked till the last turn, sigh.

 librarian squad jumped in, melta and lance took stuff out, then they got assaulted for 4 turns.

 In a desperate attempt to limit his mobility of all those flamers, I rammed with my Predator... Immobilizing myself and doing nothing to him... ugh.
 My sternguard have ran further back, yet kept firing at squads with their 2+ rounds, finally they have trouble shooting the squad below the bridge. Switch to cover ignoring rounds!

 Second squad jumps in in his back field trying to deny him his objective. Those flamers drive over to help him. grrr.

 Stern can't see the squad at all, so keep running back. My objective is under my razorback...which lost its gun at some point.. hmm. (Dark Eldar!! ahh!! table encroachment.)

 Ya,... They didn't survive.
 The five man assault squad jumps out, flames and assaults and goes back to objective, predator and razor back move to either side to block paths.

The game ended sometime shortly after. The orks by the razorback got a good run roll and assaulted my squad, killing them, the sternguard ran off before being able to help. the razorback moved down and my objective was contested. My typhoon turbo-boosted and contested his, and lucky attacks took it down in close combat. So 1-0 orks win.A very close game. I wouldn't have my first game against the Archfiend any other way. Sorry for the delay of the report.


  1. That is an ork list very dependant on going first. Its a ton of fun to run, but I have gotten alot of flakk from useing so many identical squads, and not just from the versatile players from lafayette.

    We need to get in a game again sometime Gravemind.


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