Friday, December 3, 2010

holy crap thats a lot! or when does it stop?

by UberDark

Jack says 40k is A-OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So being into 40k for 4 years now, I've amassed a huge collection of miniatures.  Last night I played a 2.5k game against a friend of mine, and it was at that point when I realized with over 100 orks on the table and a bucket load of other accouterments, that HOLY CRAP, IS THIS TOO MUCH!!!1?????

Trevor and I looked over the models I didn't have assembled, and figured out I have around 3k in assembled models, and 6k in models all together.  Now I know lots of us have been doing this for a fair amount of time, and Rionnay with his 20k in nids, well it makes me wonder, why?

Why do we do this?  Is it for the painting, the modeling, the group of friends we make, competition, the game?  What gives you the drive to play this game and talk for hours on end about FNP, death stars, and how broke you are after your latest "splurge."  (my b-day was last week, so trust me when I say, sheesh, I spent a lot. 

So put em in, mount em up and tell us what brings you into the hobby.


  1. The idea of painting and the excellent models are really what brings me into the game. I say idea because I really don't paint often enough, and I have a huge backlog of stuff that still needs to be painted. I keep buying stuff that I want to either paint or use in a game, but it will be a while before I get to it.

    Gaming is what keeps me interested. If I wasn't playing the game regularly, then I really don't think I'd keep buying stuff.

  2. I really enjoy the modeling aspect of the game. It is by far my favorite part, however, I find myself often enjoying the game just as much. I'm one of those guys who just can't make up his mind what he wants to play, and My space wolves have seen several different incarnations, from straight wolf guard, to Blood Claws to Long fangs, and I still can't make a decision.

    All in all, the modeling, brings me to the game, but the great games I have with my friends once I'm there keeps me coming back. So it is a mixture of both. (and constant debates on the rules help alot too, as I love to argue my point.)

  3. Fluff,
    Playing hard-fought games,
    the company,
    rules debates,
    the blogosphere,

  4. number one, I like to model and paint. We don't get to play that much anymore.
    As for my excuse for having tons of models - lots of deals on used minis.

  5. This post hits home to me, as it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. Over the last few months I've been looking at moving out of Tau and into a Space Marines bike army. At its cheapest build, I'm looking at around $800 for 2k points (love you Raven Wing battle force!). And as the only income in a family of four, that's going to school, working full time, and did I mention the two boys - both Daddy's boys - both money and spare time are in high demand and short supply.

    So then why do I do it? I mean I know I suck at the game. But I have fun, even when loosing (farmpunk stomping me when I was up in Indy for a week for training was the highlight of that week). I'm an OK modeler and I'm even worse at painting than modeling (well... I have gotten a few complements at my FLGS on the few models I've fully painted, but it's mostly green spray paint on my Tau). But seriously - there's a lot better things I can be doing with my time and money than 40k.

    So I ask myself "should I get out, should I stay in?" And then I think about what it gets me: a small break here and there to work on my models, or tweak a list. It's both an active hobby (modeling, painting, and playing) and an intellectual exercise (codex browsing, list building). So no matter what mood strikes me, I'm always ready. Then every now and then (every other month, on average) I get to go to my FLGS for a few hours and get a game in, maybe a tournament or two a year.

    What really makes it fun for me is that every game I've been in, hell even 'Ard Boys, has been a relaxed, casual game. I think it's because I go in knowing I'm not the best. I rarely play to win - I play to have a good story at the end of the game. Did farmpunk stomp me? Hell yes. Have I laughed endlessly about the assassin having to spend the entire game running 2" on average to get off that mountain. Hell yes. It's my second favorite story (best is a Broadside destroying a monolith that took out a dozen Necrons permanently in 'Ard Boyz).

    So yeah, I'll probably sink another few grand in models to get a few hundred more points over the years. Once I have a few good armies I'll probably slow down. But I think what, in the end, is the big factor for me is that the game gets in your blood - gets in your soul (and the glue just gets everywhere).

    Heh... long enough answer?

  6. HEY! I'm that bad it's only 10k. . . i'll try for 20 though believe me I'm working on it ^_^

  7. >_< oops sent it too soon.

    The reason I play is for the competition. I love winning no matter what game it is or the cost of winning. 40k allows me to be artistic outside of my degree and in a way that many people overlook. I play to have a hobby also. I'm a person that needs a vice, I think 40k is a much better vice than gambling, drinking, drugs, or video games. 40k also forces me to be social and meet new people and make friends which is always fun.

  8. rionnay: make friends? but we dont like you. ;) good to have you in there, especially with those pop bottle spore pods. i cant wait to see what you do next though. those tyrannofexes are wicked awesome.

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  10. Blame Uberdark for me sticking my ugly head in here...

    I've got 10K in orks, 6,700 painted, been playing/collecting since 1996. Why? All the above. Modeling, painting, fluff. The social aspect is probably the largest component though. Getting together with friends, having a beer, and throwing dice and toys around.

  11. I'm working on a way to make better spore pods, but I don't know how large to make them. Also I want to convert a new tervigon using small clear balloons and putting extra bits in them to look like babies.

    Why don't we have a gallery?

  12. I play for the competition and the fun with friends. The ability to play keeps my aging mind fresh and alive. I don't want to grow too old and be a fuddy duddy like.....

    Well Nevermind.


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